Bretman Rock Manifested His Vogue Cover Three Years Ago

HA.MU Ham’s Birthday crown. Photo by Regine David

A  now-viral video on TikTok shows Bretman Rock talking about his reason for not participating in the #VogueChallenge in 2020, where he declares he will be on a real Vogue cover one day.

Bretman Rock could not contain his excitement after revealing that he is on the cover of Vogue Philippines’ June issue. The content creator, author, and internet superstar took to Instagram stories to share his reaction with his followers. 

“This is my country’s first Vogue Philippines pride cover, and to be part of it, I’m not even part of it, I am it,” he said. 

The importance of his cover is not lost on Bretman, especially when it comes to representation. “This truly is a big deal, and I really wish, I hope that every brown queer kid gets to have their Vogue cover one day because every queer kid deserves to feel like this,” he shared. 

The response from celebrities, fellow content creators, global Filipinos, and his followers were largely positive, who congratulated Bretman across all social media platforms. Among the messages he received was that he “manifested” his cover. 

These comments are referring to an Instagram story that Bretman posted in 2020, which has resurfaced and is now trending on TikTok. In the video, he was talking about why he did not participate in the #VogueChallenge, wherein people created their own Vogue covers to reimagine what the magazine could be. 

“Honestly, and I mean this in the most humblest keys of ways, I’m gonna do the Vogue challenge when I’m actually in the cover of Vogue, because I can feel it,” he said in the video. “Do you also feel that I’m gonna be on the cover of Vogue one day? ‘Cos I feel it.”

“I genuinely feel that one day I’m gonna be on the cover of Vogue, and that will be my Vogue challenge,” he added. 

Watch the video below:

Screen recording of Bretman Rock by bonk (@dontlookatmyusernamed) on TikTok
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