Patrick Starrr Shares Intimate Moment With His Parents In A New Video

The beauty influencer and makeup artist opened up about his parents’ reaction to his makeup career in a new video of them visiting the new One/Size office. 

Patrick Starrr has grown his beauty empire over the last decade. The Filipino-American beauty influencer started as a vlogger and makeup artist on YouTube, where he worked with brands such as Benefit and M.A.C. Cosmetics. He then launched his own makeup brand, One/Size, in 2020, which proved to be successful despite being announced at the height of the pandemic. Following the success of One/Size in the last three years, Starrr is now moving into a new office–and he shared this experience recently with his parents in a TikTok video.

The video, set to TikTok musician November Ultra’s cover of Abba’s “The Winner Takes It All,” starts with Starrr and his parents, Arnulfo and Lenee Simondac, known to audiences as Papastarrr and Mamastarrr, in the car expressing their excitement. A montage of clips follows where his parents explore different areas of the bare office. In the captions, the beauty influencer shared his journey with his parents throughout his makeup career. 

“When I started, they didn’t want me doing makeup. Afraid of how the world would treat me,” Starrr wrote in the caption as the video shows him smiling and filming his parents looking around the bare office. “10 years of hard work… led me to this brand and this intimate moment with my parents.” 

“Wow, congratulations, Patrick. We’re so proud of you! Dream come true,” said his mother in a video recorded at the office. “You finally have your own One/Size office.” 

Starrr’s close relationship with his Bicol and Bacolod-born parents is well-documented in his videos and other interviews. At the Drew Barrymore Show in early 2022, his father said, “We love him so much. We’re so proud of everything that he’s doing for everybody, not only for us.”

Watch the video below:

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