A Solar Eclipse And a Lunar Eclipse Are Set to Occur This Month. What Does This Mean For Your Zodiac Sign?

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While things may feel topsy-turvy for the most part, like everything else, this too comes with a silver lining

We have a huge window of opportunity, manifestation and letting go—perhaps a chance at evening the scales within our power dynamics, relationships and within ourselves—opening up this October. With this month giving us a solar and lunar eclipse, followed by Halloween among other astrological phenomena and transits, we are sure to be walking on water, or at least feel like we are. We have the famous “Ring of Fire” solar eclipse in Libra on October 14, 2023 followed by a partial lunar eclipse in Taurus on October 28, 2023 backed by a sneaky thinning of the veil between all the dimensions courtesy of Halloween or Samhain on October 31, 2023. It is safe to say that while things may feel topsy-turvy for the most part, like everything else, this too comes with a silver lining.

What will happen during this time?

Firstly, when the veil between the dimensions is thin, we are blessed with an opportunity to access higher wisdom, manifest at lightning speed (or even faster) and truly align with Source/ Universal energy to gain momentum in our lives. While yes, Samhain does celebrate our ancestors and you may even experience spooky and unexplainable happenings around this time moving into early November, you do have the power to choose the kind of energy you wish to engage with, so why not opt for the lighter side of light?

What is the significance of this time?

The sun signifies the conscious (logic/ego), the moon signifies the subconscious (emotions/beliefs) and the earth signifies our physical needs and expression in this 3D reality (our expression of ourselves and our life). So, when you look at eclipses through this lens, solar eclipses support awareness and a willingness to call yourself out on your own BS, metaphysically. With the new moon—which embodies the energy of new beginnings and seeds planted, overshadowing the sun during a solar eclipse—this can be a great time to allow yourself to make long-term plans and review ways in which you would like to shift your life. It assists in introspection and becoming aware of all that is dysfunctional or doesn’t support you in your new vision for life. The lunar eclipse, on the other hand, will make you acutely aware of all the fears and perhaps even relationships that need cleansing and clearing. Illusions are likely to break and while this may feel chaotic and heart-wrenching, it is supporting you to move forward with heightened intuition and self-belief, while flushing out recurring patterns and toxic cycles within yourself, your relationships and your life.

How will it help you?

This window is helping you clear karmic cycles and put an end to deeply buried patterns, limiting beliefs and self-worth-related chatter that you may have internalised. It will bring forward relationships, people or even situations and memories from your past that may have subconsciously held you captive, thus opening up a huge inflow of opportunities, resources and awareness that propel you forward in the coming months. For some individuals, cycles going back up to 28-32 years may be closing. Get ready for an enthralling 6-8 months ahead where you are blessed with opportunities to live your dream life and keep it that way. In short, you may find yourself recalibrating your life, your sense of belonging and relationships this month and it’s all for the better.

What does this potent time hold for the zodiac signs?


This month is helping you harness the power of being a team player’. While you are very headstrong and independent, shifting your focus on how you create better through support and collaboration might just be the breakthrough you may have been scrambling for. Finances are likely to receive a boost in the next couple of months if you remember that when everyone creates together, there is more for everyone to enjoy.

Affirmation: I wholeheartedly allow and receive support in my life now.


What you must remember going forward, Taurus, is that while a happy home life is crucial to your personal happiness, you need not be a martyr in order to achieve it. Trust your inner wisdom and get acting on your nudges to see a tangible shift in your life. You have a chance to begin anew, so take a grounded approach but remember that you are free to move, and not firmly planted in one spot.

Affirmation: I allow myself to receive as much as I give within my relationships and life.


You may be consciously reminding yourself that there is more to life than just seeking your version of perfection, Gemini, and this is the message unfolding for you in the near future. Through focused discipline and awareness, you can achieve a balance in the way you communicate and are received. A gentler tongue and clearer vision can help you create the magic you seek.

Affirmation: I am deserving of only the best and I claim it now.


Looking to move in a new direction out of boredom or a feeling of misalignment? Things are about to get spicy for you. A lot may begin to happen all at once and you are reminded to pause before making habitual choices that keep you in the same loop. To create differently, act differently. Strike only when the iron is hot and remember that “we” is sometimes better than ”I”.

Affirmation: I invite and enjoy a life of ease and peace.


It is all happening for you and not to you. Learn what you can from everything that comes along because it is only trying to show you something different. Dive deep to make a lasting change for the better. You are entering a cycle that is settling karmic debts and pushing you to expand your perspective a little more. What leaves, let it. What enters, let it.

Affirmation: I open my eyes to the possibilities that surround me.


This is a period of blessings and karmic balance for you. Zoom out and you will notice that everything is happening exactly as it is meant to, leading you to a long-term goal and happiness. Step out of your fears and put your logical mind to rest a bit, allowing your heart to speak a little louder.

Affirmation: I choose to celebrate life every day.


Scorpio, this window is closing a humongous chapter for you. Rest assured that a happier personal life is guaranteed in the coming months and it only gets better from there. A bond most important to you strengthens and you receive closure in many parts of life. Your heart is finally healing—keep your ears and mind open to listen to your inner guidance along the way.

Affirmation: Focusing on the little magic in everyday life brings me joy.


Spiritual growth, expansion and a positive turn of events are all in the mix for you. Trust your inner voice and take tiny steps in that direction and when fears arise, befriend them and take intuitive action anyway to dissolve them for good. Your fiery, feisty energy will take you a long way. The message is to remain laser-focused and not spread yourself too thin.

Affirmation: My worth is defined by who I am and not how much I do.


You may be starting a new cycle once again and it may be making you feel unsure or nostalgic. But you are reminded that what you have given selflessly in the past has left an intangible legacy that is uniquely yours, and no one can take it away. Now is your time to focus on yourself and work your magic for you!

Affirmation: I am my own magician.


You are fully supported in this new phase of life, even though you may not know how. Whatever you need will magically appear, so focus on giving the way you do and continue to keep your heart wide open. Turn towards the sun and become a sunflower.

Affirmation: The Universe supports me unconditionally.


You may have felt like you missed out in the past, but the Universe is sending you support now. Collaborate, build and meet like-minded people. Focus on building relationships rather than a network and the purity of your intentions will filter through creating magic in your life. New or renewed relationships and opportunities are likely to swing by on the home and work front. Carry the learnings from your past forward without getting too attached to how things scorned you and you are good to go.

Affirmation: Everything happens for my liberation. I create the life I want now.

This article was originally published on Vogue India.

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