Here’s How You Can Nominate An Inspiring Woman For A Feature On

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In Vogue’s 130-year history, the world’s most prominent magazine brand has been committed to telling cutting-edge storytelling on the topics of art, culture, and, naturally, fashion. As a chronicle of the unfolding moment, Vogue also stands for the empowerment of women and it just as important today that the voices of women are raised and heard. On the eve of 2024’s International Women’s Day, dedicates it platform to real stories about impactful women, as told by readers. Here is how you can take part in this movement and elevate tales of strength, kindness, and love as you’ve seen performed by a woman that inspires you.

Nominations Are Open: Celebrate Your Female Hero With
Nominate a woman from your village/town, community, workplace or family that is truly inspirational and has made an outstanding contribution to the lives of others. Vogue Philippines will celebrate them on, timed to International Women’s Day (8th March 2024). is a community platform and therefore our values of inclusivity and empowerment are a dialogue with our followers and readers. The Vogue team therefore want you to decide who the spotlight belongs to this International Women’s Day. This is a call to action to specially nominate people that are doing brilliant things in quiet ways. This person can be a family member, friend, or someone you know that embodies the qualities of care, nurture, wisdom, kindness, and/or has a unique talent.

Important Notes for Entries
Your submission entry will be a mark of having your consented permission to publish the individual’s story. If you are writing about a person under the age of 16 then please seek permission from their parents/carers first and note that we will change the names of children and locations for safe-guarding reasons prior to publishing on our platforms. You can make an entry without sharing the name of the person if you wish for them to remain anonymous; please make that clear in the form. The Vogue Philippines team is looking forward to celebrating your inspirational stories about women in your life.

Here’s how to place a nomination:
Please complete the form below, including the name and village/town/city/country that your nomination is based in, plus their current vocation or write a suggested 350-800 words on their inspirational story. Write a few paragraphs about why you have nominated this girl/woman, including details about the actions they have taken or values they embody so that it is clear why they are an inspiration to you and others. Note that this person does not need to be famous or widely known, they can be based in the Philippines, be of any background and culture, and be of any age. Complete and send your submission below before the deadline of midnight Manila-time on 16th February 2024.

Successful nominations will be notified in late February to early March 2024, your story submission will be read by the Vogue team and chosen entries will be edited and published on the website, alongside art illustrations by leading female artists, and shared across’s social channels. Only completed forms will be considered to feature in our series of articles, titled ‘Raising Hope: A Celebration of Inspiring Women’. We will select one stand-out nominee to feature on a Vogue digital cover in March/April 2024.