How The Moon Will Influence Your Star Sign This October 2023

Photography and art by Sara Erasmo

A big theme will emerge about letting go of conflict and materialism and embracing wholesomeness, justice and stability instead. But how might this month specifically influence your own sign? 

October’s new moon eclipse in Libra

Justice, fairness, peace, love and harmony rule this month, all of which are exactly what is needed these days when it comes to relationships, whether they’re old or new, professional or personal, loving or adversarial. Relationships that begin on or around this New Moon on 15 October have added energy to survive and thrive. Alternatively, if you’re going through a rough patch with a Significant Other or frenemy, this lunar vibe can either herald a fresh start or give you the impetus to “consciously uncouple.” With an added eclipse, not all is as it seems, so what occurs now could play out in unexpected ways over the next six months.

October’s full moon eclipse in Taurus

The Full Moon on 29 October is in tactile Taurus, which would normally make the lunar theme all about money and possessions, but since there’s an added eclipse in the mix, this flips the script so that the focus is all about values. People will always want to buy “stuff” but ultimately, it’s compassion for others that’s more important than what they own. Known as the Hunter’s Moon, this Full Moon and lunar eclipse clear the way for a major shift towards doing things for the greater good, and will help you find what you’re looking for in life. It’s an early riff on a big theme that will emerge more fully between now and the end of May next year, about letting go of conflict and materialism and embracing wholesomeness, justice and stability instead.


21 March – 20 April

New Moon Influence: This month’s New Moon centres on how you relate, increasing your chances of making a real difference with the important people in your work and romantic life. You might even call a truce with an enemy or rival. Being willing to see the other side of any situation rather than sticking to your own point of view is your learning curve now and over the next six months. Take these cosmic lessons on board and walk a metaphorical mile in someone else’s designer heels or high tops and you’ll soon increase your empathy towards others. Since eclipses conceal rather than reveal, don’t dismiss unorthodox new acquaintances or be too quick to embrace more of your usual types, as time will tell who is a keeper.

Full Moon Influence: The October Full Moon hits your money zone, making it a timely month to count your blessings and count your savings too. Avoid making impulse purchases, especially if you feel extra emotional or needy, as this lunar influence could urge you to wildly over-spend or over-eat for comfort. With an eclipse in the mix, be prepared for the unexpected (positive or otherwise). Appraise how you earn, save and spend, and perhaps consider making regular donations to a favourite charity, no matter how small. It’s a win-win, as you’ll be helping others out and doing yourself a karmic favour at the same time.


21 April – 21 May

New Moon Influence: Your mental and emotional well-being are in the lunar spotlight now. This month’s New Moon blitzes your zone of health and work, so being more open, co-operative and generating a sense of peace and harmony will have a beneficial effect on your daily work routines and self-care rituals. Surround yourself with things (and ideally, people too) that help to radiate more zen in your life. Add a vase of flowers on your work desk, play tranquil music and indulge in gentle flowing exercise rather than punishing workouts. Achieving a sense of calm that makes you feel revitalised and reborn is your best defence against any turbulence that may invade your world with the unknown element of an eclipse casting its light (or shade) over the next six months.

Full Moon Influence: Learning to let go of ideas and beliefs that no longer work with who you are today and who you are becoming is the message from this lunar light. That’s just the start of this process of your evolution with the Full Moon in your own sign, and a powerful eclipse there too seals the deal. With change-maker planet Uranus also in your sign until 2026, the World and your world as you once knew it are ripe for reinvention. As bright as the Full Moon is, you can begin to match its brilliance with the dazzling, emerging new you. Stand up for yourself and for who you are as it’s no time to hide in the shadows.


22 May – 21 June

New Moon Influence: This month’s New Moon highlights your romantic and creative zones, so you might begin to fill a recent void with a new love or with a creative collaboration built for two, or decide to increase your family size and get busy preparing the nursery! Yours is the sign of The Twins, so two is certainly your lucky number now, whether it’s finding someone or something new to complete you and be the Yin to your Yang, or choosing to make an ongoing and successful partnership “official.” Whichever direction you take, don’t go overboard as this lunar energy is about balance, not extremes. There’s no need to rush either, just allow things to grow and develop steadily over the next six months. If the eclipse throws an unexpected curve all your way, it’s just the cosmos pushing you out of a rut and onto your rightful path.

Full Moon Influence: Some deep-seated fears could bubble to the surface now, as Full Moons tend to make situations feel extra emotional. You may gain more peace of mind by letting go rather than clinging on to outworn ideas and beliefs about possessions. Begin to practice patience and mindfulness now, and you’ll draw new and more “sympatico” situations and kindred spirits into your orbit. With an eclipse accompanying this Full Moon, additional revelations may occur further down the line. Since eclipses initially tend to conceal vital information, avoid acting rashly, although what might seem to be a bad move or bad luck at first could turn out to be your best move ever in the long run.


22 June – 22 July

New Moon Influence: This month you could realise that what you really want from life is to spend more time, money and effort on all things linked to your home and lifestyle. This New Moon could prompt a home makeover to increase your tranquility or even a house move to achieve the same effect. These changes may actually be outward manifestations of a deeper desire to soothe whatever’s going on inside you. Tap into the lunar energy and especially the eclipse action this month and you’ll discover over the next six months what it takes to make you feel whole, more balanced and beautiful, and the catalyst might not be what you expected it to be.

Full Moon Influence: While your emotions are heightened during this Full Moon, it may be tempting to go “all or nothing” on your friendships. If you always support others but don’t feel it’s reciprocal, the Full Moon and eclipse this month could force you to re-evaluate some friendships or group goals that may not really ring true with your own ambitions. The keyword here is value—whether giving or getting it—so if your entourage truly celebrates you it’s a perfect time to show them some love in a big way now, but if certain friends only tolerate you, it may be time for you to seek a more fulfilling crowd to spend time with. With an eclipse in the mix, the keepers may turn out to surprise you.


23 July – 23 August

New Moon Influence: No one likes to admit they don’t have all the answers, particularly if you’re a Leo who’s been put on the spot. Your aptitude for bluffing your way out of (or into) things is legendary, but it may be better to tune into this month’s New Moon to get educated in areas where you feel you may be lacking. It could be with how to do your job better, or how to communicate with co-workers, siblings, neighbours or even educators in a way that results in a win-win outcome. You like to lead and stand out, but balance, harmony and fitting in are often more powerful—and honest—negotiating tools. Without losing your uniqueness or individuality, aim to use the next six months to put this theory to the test and into practice. With an eclipse influencing the outcome, the end result might not be what you had in mind but it will be worth it.

Full Moon Influence: The Full Moon this month shines its light on your career, where you might like to feel that you’re the star performer but where lately you may feel that you’ve been overworked and undervalued. A new role at work could come your way now, or you might feel the need to move onward and upwards elsewhere. There could be high emotion with this Full Moon scenario, so aim to avoid making a potential drama out of any crisis. Take a breath and regroup before you take your next step, because with an eclipse in the equation you might not have all the information you need to make the right decision or take the right action just yet.


24 August – 22 September

New Moon Influence: Finding balance is the key motivating force behind this month’s New Moon, urging you to walk the middle line rather than settle for anything far above or below what feels right for you, especially when it comes to your income. Aim to balance your spending and saving with your earning, so that there’s never too much month left at the end of your money. This learning phase lasts six months, during which time you’ll get extra, if unexpected, incentives to value yourself as well, with an eclipse influencing how this plays out. You often feel that your rightful role is to be of service to others. If that’s where you are on the career or life ladder and that suits you, then aim to be the very best you can at being of service. If you’re already at the top of your game you can still be of service and value by advising and sharing your wisdom and experience with others who need it.

Full Moon Influence: This month’s Full Moon may bring up issues around financial excesses or concerns about fairness. The subject of further training (most likely for work), or a project involving travel could arise and provoke competitiveness. You might feel overlooked or overwhelmed, with too much to do and too little time to prepare. You could choose to stand your ground over this and fight your corner, but also be prepared to draw a line under what’s acceptable and what isn’t, and consider branching out into areas where you can learn and grow spiritually rather than be pushed and pulled financially. An eclipse makes this a powerful lunar experience for you, and what begins now may need to play out gradually over the next six months before you reach closure and, ultimately, a sense of justice and freedom.


23 September – 23 October

New Moon Influence: Find yourself. That’s the message from this month’s New Moon in your own sign. You’ll have extra energy to “do you” solo now. If you protest that you couldn’t possibly do that as your people-pleasing sign often prefers to be one half of a couple, then this month’s eclipse gifts you with a luxurious if unexpected six-month space to work out how to please yourself. This energy hinges on your sign’s watchword “balance” and shows you how to live well without being either a doormat or a diva. You often feel incomplete without an “Other Half” to lean on so get ready to start asserting your independence and loving it.

Full Moon Influence: Issues around commitment—or alternatively its polar opposite, freedom—arise with this month’s Full Moon. There may be concerns around money, especially with any shared financial responsibilities, so keep a sharp eye on your outgoings well into next month. There’s strong sexual energy around now too and you may find you’ve lost your individuality as part of a couple, or you might be the one making all the running within your most intimate life. You don’t, as a rule, do extremes, so step back if you feel like you’re teetering on the brink of overpowering someone or of being overpowered or manipulated. There’s an eclipse alongside this powerful Full Moon, and eclipses often bring a long overdue life-correction that may come as a surprise at the time, but will ultimately turn out to be just what you needed to happen.


24 October – 22 November

New Moon Influence: This month’s New Moon influences your thinking and your emotions. You often tend to go to extremes, imagining conspiracy theories and suspecting other people’s motives, so this revelatory New Moon aims to bring emotional clarity and balance, especially around your closest relationships. Part of what you think you know, or even something you don’t know that’s currently concealed for now, may be unveiled further down the line, as is the way with eclipses. Whatever has gone wrong or hurt you in the past should not be allowed to influence your present and your future. This is your chance to clear your mind of “can’t” and, over the next six months, work towards acceptance, trust and equality where partnerships are concerned, so you can engage more healthily with others on your own terms and within your comfort zone.

Full Moon Influence: Your challenge under this month’s Full Moon beams and accompanying eclipse is to focus on your relationships. A close work or love connection could come to a glorious peak or alternatively to a natural ending, and although you tend to cling tenaciously to certain people and things, letting go (to some degree) may be inevitable now. A relationship could evolve into something else that’s better for all concerned or a job could end so that you can find one that’s more suited to you. Like the phoenix rising out of the ashes—the mythical bird that’s associated with your sign—in whatever way this plays out for your relationships, know that you’ll be able to build something solid from it, and come back even stronger.


23 November – 21 December

New Moon Influence: It’s a gorgeous New Moon for you this month as it activates your zone of friendships and groups in a big way. If get-togethers with your go-to crew have been thin on the ground lately, this lunar event greenlights more balanced connections and meet-ups. You’ll be feeling more love for your friends, and new romance could also potentially spark into life via friendship, now and over the next six months. Eclipses have a way of springing surprises on you. It’s your best time of the year for starting new projects, for pursuing fresh passions and for making progress on your dreams and ambitions. You might want it all, and want it now, but time will help you build something worthwhile and lasting instead of losing interest in an important plan half way through, due to lack of your full attention.

Full Moon Influence: Taking better care of yourself is what this month’s Full Moon urges you to do now. Get more active and experiment with hearty but healthy food options. Now’s the time to ditch over-indulgence or any erratic ‘on-again, off-again’ fads, and use your capacity for tenacity to put your well-being and work routines solidly back on track. Get any health concerns checked out now too as an eclipse suggests that you’ve been running on fumes lately or it might be a game-changer with how you work. A thorough health once-over will put you back on top and ready for any work-related curve balls the cosmos might throw your way.


22 December – 20 January

New Moon Influence: This month’s New Moon is a call to action with your career. You can be averse to tampering with the status quo, preferring things to stay the way they are. Instead, seize this heightened New Moon energy to reach out to others to help you find the way to or through a new work role, or simply a whole new and improved way of doing what you already knew how to do “the old way.” You love to be in charge but since this New Moon comes with an accompanying eclipse, the cosmos is hinting at co-operation, collaboration and communication being the best ways forward for you now.

Full Moon Influence: If you’ve had to be the “responsible adult” in every situation so far this year—a role you’re that’s designated to you, all too often—you might have felt that love, fun and your own needs and desires have been neglected. Take time to nurture your inner child around the time of this month’s emotional Full Moon, especially if no-one else will, and allow yourself some much-deserved pampering and luxury—because you’re worth it. There might be unexpected baby news or some unusual intrigue with a romance or creative endeavour now too, as an added eclipse works its influence in mysterious ways that can shock at the time but ultimately tend to work out for the best.


21 January – 18 February

New Moon Influence: Your deepest desires could begin to be granted now. New Moons are the best times to make wishes and set intentions, and as the Moon grows towards Full Moon status over the next six months, you’ll have ample time plus helpful lunar energy to work towards achieving your dreams. This month’s New Moon gives any quest you start now an extra surge of power, and if your plans involve relationships, whether they’re platonic, for business or for romance, you could be doubly blessed for success although with an eclipse in the mix the outcome, while good, could be unexpected. Travel, study, spirituality, the media and legal scenarios are also well-starred if you start now and aim for completion by April next year.

Full Moon Influence: The Full Moon this month falls in your home zone and since your sign flourishes with all things new and exciting or unpredictable, it’s likely that you’ll have had your fill of the “same old, same old” lately, with family, housemates, your location or even with yourself, and so you may be desperate for new experiences. Be careful what you wish for as the added eclipse this month could take you out of your comfort zone, bringing a shake-up on the home front that you hadn’t quite bargained for. Alarming though it might be at the time, whether a major or minor shift, it’s likely to turn out surprisingly well so long as you don’t resist but instead lean into it and go with the flow.


19 February – 20 March

New Moon Influence: Since money, self-worth and equality are big themes for you this month, the New Moon will help to bring more harmony and balance into these areas of your world. If you’re owed or owe money, it’s time to settle up in ways that make the outcome a happy one for all concerned. You might be discussing tax issues or an inheritance now or over the next six months, so with an eclipse potentially concealing important information you might consider seeking counselling, legal help or a mediator. Use tact, whether you’re discussing joint financial responsibilities or, as is also likely now, the subject revolves around intimacy. Sex and money are awkward topics, but you’re sensitive enough to read the room. Wear your best poker face and be diplomatic and fair because under this lunar light, whoever dares to share, wins.

Full Moon Influence: The Full Moon this month is a prompt from the cosmos to stop listening to your own negative internal dialogue, or to the exaggerated claims of others who may be trying to boost their own self-esteem at the expense of your own. Get better informed and educated. This could mean getting professional advice on how to improve your current circumstances, or investing in training or studying to give you lasting and valuable opportunities rather than frittering away your finances on fads and whims. Things could get emotional, especially around communication and with neighbours or siblings, but this lunar light and eclipse will ultimately help you to feel more stable and grounded, and find the common sense solutions you sorely need.

This article was originally published on Vogue Australia.

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