Can’t Decide? It Could Be This Month’s Full Moon

Can’t Decide? It Could Be This Month’s Full Moon

Photographs and artwork by Sara Erasmo

July’s full moon reveal why decisions are especially difficult for you now.

The month following the summer solstice, which occurred on June 21, is making decision-making harder. This is according to Moonsisters Lieke and Jetteke van Lexmond.

Full moon in July: the frequencies on earth increase now

The upcoming period sees the frequencies of the earth increase and rise. The Van Lexmond sisters, who annually publish their own lunar calendar, explain what this means: “The solstice has given a boost to the sun. In the month of July, we can expect many solar flares, storms and turbulence in the magnetic field. What we notice most is that lower energies, such as trauma, anger, sadness or fear, that have been hidden deep in the body, come to the surface.” These negative energies may temporarily worsen, the duo say. The same can be true for old aches and pains. One can also expect ailments such as headaches, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, sleep problems, restlessness or the feeling of being under high tension in July 2023.

They add: “The higher frequencies can also affect your brain waves and nervous system. The vagus nerve, effectively the interface between the brain and organs, is under tension. This explains why you sometimes feel overstimulated and restless because of the smallest little things. All it takes is for something to happen and stress and panic rage through your body. So moments of calm become increasingly important to unload and recharge your batteries.”

The full moon brings conflicts between the head and the heart

On July 3, 2023, the supermoon awaits you in the sign of Capricorn. Because the sun is in Cancer at the same time, extremely different energies are converging. Earth sign Capricorn controls the head and the mind, while Cancer is associated with water energy, which controls the heart and emotions. “Capricorn is a disciplined, responsible, ambitious, and rational sign that likes structure, rules, control, and clarity,” say the Moonsisters. “Capricorns are the hard workers inside the zodiac. They generally can’t do much with feeling and intuition—exactly two of Cancer’s most important qualities. This sensitive sign prefers to do everything by feel, to be in the flow, and to take care of family and others.”

“Around the full moon, you may experience conflicts between your head and heart, causing unbalance. This can leave you feeling restless and volatile. Furthermore, a full moon—especially a supermoon—can intensify feelings.” As a result, making decisions can be be difficult. The Moonsisters explain: “In the process, you are too cerebral and hard on yourself. And you have difficulty finding the right balance between work and family. [Also] the vacation season is just around the corner, which puts pressure on many to get everything done on time.”

You may be faced with important questions

However: the full moon in Capricorn and the sun in Cancer are joined in July 2023 by Saturn on retrograde in the sign of Pisces. Because Saturn is the ruling planet of Capricorn, the energy of Capricorn feels softer and more intuitive, according to the the Van Lexmonds. “Under the influence of Cancer and Pisces, both water signs, the driven Capricorn comes to a halt and returns to his feelings,” they say. “They ask, what is really important in life: is it the job? Hard work? Making a lot of money? Status and prestige? What others think of you? Expensive things? Or are there other things that are more important. You may be confronted with such questions.”

According to the dup. this period might cause one to feel that you’ve neglected your family and loved ones in need. “Nothing in life can be taken for granted,” say the Moonsisters, adding: “Be grateful every day and appreciate your loved ones.” It may also be that you now find that the give and take in your partnership or relationship is not (anymore) balanced. “There may be conflicts,” they say. “Clashes and triggers that challenge you to make new choices from your heart.”

Many of the planets are currently on retrograde. “Almost all planets—except Mars—will be retrograde in the coming months. Pluto, Saturn and Neptune already are. The planets won’t move direct again until October/November,” they say. “Use the summertime to turn inward, review your life, and make adjustments if necessary. This will allow you to make decisions at the end of the year and prepare for a fresh start.”

A period of restlessness will occur before the New Year. “As the frequencies increase at a rapid pace in the coming period, things may become more restless and chaotic. Individually and collectively, we are moving toward a new zeitgeist and a new balance. This will not happen without bumps and jolts. Don’t be surprised by breakups, revelations and other unexpected twists and turns. Whatever happens, trust in your own strength and the strength of togetherness.”

This article was originally published on Vogue Germany.

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