Timeless Jewelry Gifts For Valentine’s Day

Timeless Jewelry Gifts For Valentine’s Day

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From delicate bangles to sparkling show-stoppers, any of these classic jewelry pieces would make for a fantastic Valentine’s Day gift to your loved one.

A Valentine’s Day staple since the Victorian era, jewelry remains a classic gifting choice for the season of love. Finding a thoughtful piece that lasts a lifetime that keeps its elegance and appeal is key. If you’re in the market for a piece of jewelry to invest in, consider the signature pieces from some of these fine jewelry brands.

Have a look at these timeless jewelry that will make any accessory lover—or just about any romantic—swoon. 


Bvlgari Serpenti Necklace

Bvlgari Serpenti, the Italian brand’s most prominent creative symbol, first hit the mainstream when Elizabeth Taylor wore one of its bracelets in Cleopatra. Referencing Greek and Roman mythology, the serpent represents fertility, rebirth, transformation, immortality, and seduction. 


Bvlgari Serpenti Ring

The Italian brand describes the Serpenti ring as “a symbol of endless metamorphosis and mesmerizing seduction,” with its signature scale design wrapping around your finger in a single band. 


Cartier LOVE Bracelet

One of Cartier’s most easily recognizable pieces, the Cartier LOVE bracelet carries with it a story befitting the season. Following a heartbreak, designer Aldo Cipullo wanted to create a permanent symbol of love that no one could take from him. It has since been donned by famous couples such as the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, and Sophia Loren and Carlo Ponti. 


Cartier Trinity Ring, Classic

Another timeless piece from Cartier, the Trinity Ring has been around for almost a hundred years. Conceived by Louis Cartier, the intertwined pink, yellow and white gold bands represent love, friendship, and fidelity. The classic Trinity ring is ideal for both men and women, but a small model is also available for those who prefer a thinner, more understated version. 


Jewelmer Les Classiques Necklace

Representing love, purity and wisdom, pearls are a timeless gift that will last your loved one a long time. And because no two pearls in nature are ever alike, you will be giving your loved one a unique gift that cannot be duplicated, making it even more special. Go for a classic design to go with any wardrobe, like Jewelmer’s Les Classiques Necklace, a drop necklace with two South Sea pearl pendants set in 18-karat yellow gold.


Jewelmer Les Classiques Stud Earrings

A good pair of pearl stud earrings are versatile and will go with any outfit, and can be passed down for generations to come. Jewelmer’s Les Classiques Stud Earrings offer a modern twist to the classic pearl studs, with rare golden South Sea pearls set in 18-karat gold.


Louis Vuitton Idylle Blossom Medallion

Giving flowers on Valentine’s day is a time-honored tradition. Put a spin on this romantic gesture and give the gift of flowers that last a lifetime with Louis Vuitton’s Blossom fine jewelry collection. The Idylle Blossom Medallion gives your loved one a new and elegant way of wearing the brand’s insignia.


Louis Vuitton Tambour Monogram

Designer timepieces make ideal gifts because your loved one can match it with a variety of looks. Louis Vuitton’s Tambour Monogram features the French brand’s classic logo and monogram flower design, making it a timeless investment, no pun intended.


Tiffany & Co. Lock Necklace

A historical symbol for Tiffany & Co., the lock necklace signifies security and protection. Other cultures also use engraved locks as a symbol of enduring love and marriage, which can be seen in the popularity of love lock bridges around the world. The brand offers the classic padlock charm in an updated HardWear collection inspired by the architecture of New York City. 


Tiffany & Co Fleur de Lis Key

Another classic piece from Tiffany & Co., the key jewelry is described by the specialty jewelry design brand as representing independence, power and optimism. The Fleur de Lis pendant would be a good gift for a driven and motivated partner. Make sure to choose one encrusted in diamonds, as that is what Tiffany & Co. is known for. 

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