A Legacy of Love: Inside the Cartier Trinity Ring’s Centennial Anniversary

Cartier global ambassadors Paul Mescal, Jackson Wang, Yara Shahidi, Labrinth, and JISOO. Courtesy of Cartier

On the 100th Anniversary of the Trinity Ring, Parisian jewelry house Cartier unveils a reimagined rendition of the beloved masterpiece, accompanied by a campaign film starring celebrity global ambassadors.

“Cartier, a subtle magician who holds together fragments of the moon, on a thread of sun…” writes poet and artist Jean Cocteau, about his dear friend, jewelry designer Louis Cartier. In return, Cartier created the Trinity Ring in 1924: a simple interlocked ring composed of three bands: rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold. 

Cartier’s new Cushion shaped Trinity Ring. Photo by Bea Valdes

Juxtaposed with the ornate jewelry designs of the Art Deco period, the Trinity ring was the first of its kind: a straightforward symbol of love, which has since garnered an audience of generations due to its timeless elegance. After its conception in 1924, and debuting just a year later at the prestigious 1925 Paris Exposition, the timelessly elegant Trinity ring has become a symbol of enduring relationships. 

For its 100th anniversary, Cartier commemorated the Trinity’s enduring legacy by presenting new jewelry designs at the jewelry house’s flagship store in Paris, adorned by Cocteau’s art for the celebration, as well as a lavish soiree at the Petit Palais which gathered some of the brightest stars in fashion and entertainment. Also present for the festivities were Vogue Philippines editor-in-chief Bea Valdes and Cartier’s Singapore-based regional head Fiona Lim.

The Parisian landmark, Petit Palais, glows red for a lavish celebration commemorating 100 years of the Trinity ring. Photo by Bea Valdes
Cartier global ambassador Jackson Wang. @cartier / Instagram
Academy Award-winning actor Rami Malek celebrates 100 years of the Trinity ring with Cartier in Paris. Courtesy of Cartier
Academy Award nominee and Cartier Global Ambassador Paul Mescal joins the festivities for the 100th anniversary of the Trinity ring by Cartier. Courtesy of Cartier

Joining the party at Petit Palais were celebrities and friends of the jewelry house Monica Belluci, Deva Kassel, Rami Malek, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Emma Chamberlain. It was also attended by Cartier global ambassadors, Academy Award nominee Paul Mescal, K-pop multihyphenate JISOO, actress and producer Yara Shahidi, musicians Jackson Wang and Labrinth, who had been announced to star in a campaign film that celebrates the universality of love. 

The party at Petit Palais was made even more special with musical performances from Labrinth and Sia. Courtesy of Cartier

With each of these stars representing a unique facet of love, diversity, and friendship, these ambassadors embody the timeless message of the Trinity ring, echoing the friendship between its creator, Louis Cartier and muse, Jean Cocteau.

Aside from the relaunch of the Trinity Ring’s jewelry counterparts, the Trinity bracelet and the Trinity necklace, one of Cartier’s new offerings is the Cartier Cushion. The piece is a reiteration of the interlocked Trinity ring that features a modular square shaped cushion instead of circular bands, slated for release in March. 

Cartier celebrates 100 years of the Trinity ring with new jewelry designs for the Trinity enthusiast. Photo by Bea Valdes
Trinity design in collaboration with Chitose Abe of Sacai. Photo by Bea Valdes

Creating the distinguished piece warrants meticulous and intricate methods privy to the acclaimed jewelry house. Marie Laure Cèrde, Cartier’s director of watchmaking and jewelry design, explains part of the complex process, saying, “A cushion shape emerged with the right proportions and volume so it could maintain the design’s rolling movement.”

Affectionately known as “the rolling ring,” Cèrde delves into the enduring charm of the Cartier Trinity, attributing its timeless allure to the depth of its symbolism according to its wearers. “It has to be beautiful; not trendy, it has to have meaning,” she asserts. 

Cartier celebrates the enduring hundred-year legacy of the Trinity ring. Photo by Bea Valdes
A passage written by Jean Cocteau to jewelry designer Louis Cartier, calling him “a subtle magician, who holds together fragments of the moon, on a thread of sun” written on a wall at Cartier’s flagship store in Paris. Photo by Bea Valdes

At the events taking place at Cartier during the Trinity’s 100th celebration, guests were seen to be wearing the rings their own way: not just on their ring fingers, but also on their pinkies and pointers. Some attendees wore it layered, with multiple rings over each other, attributing to the classic jewelry piece’s capability to blend seamlessly with contemporary fashion expression.

For Trinity ring owners and jewelry enthusiasts, the bands hold diverse and universal significance, embodying love, friendship, and diversity. As symbols of interconnected sentiments for 100 years and counting, the Trinity continues to resonate with those who cherish its profound meanings, set to transcend generations to come.

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