This Museum Month, Discover The History And Importance Of The Pearl Of The Orient

Kieran Punay

The Mind Museum and Jewelmer team up to present a historical narrative told through the national gem.

October is the month of Museums and Galleries, as signed in 1991 under Proclamation No.798. The celebration each year is meant to highlight the culture and heritage of our country. Museums all over are gearing up to welcome visitors with never-before-seen exhibitions, activities, and even free entrance. 

Courtesy Of Jewelmer

The National Museum has announced a month-long itinerary full of special galleries, film screenings, and lectures. Meanwhile, Ayala Museum announced that it would be waiving its entrance fees for October (though they still require you to book a slot online). This promo also extends to the Filipinas Heritage Library. 

Curious minds eager for something different have a treat in store. The Mind Museum recently teamed up with Jewelmer to launch their “Pearl of the Orient” exhibit. The unique display aims to tell the story of the Philippines—its past, present, and future—through the journey of the pearl, our national gem. 

Exploring History Through Precious Gems

The luxury jewelry brand Jewelmer was “born out of a commitment to the world’s most lustrous cultured South Sea pearls and exquisite fine jewelry.” The French-Filipino brand famously only harvests pearls from Philippine waters, in order to showcase to the world that Philippine gems can be elevated to high jewelry. 

The company’s expertise lent itself well to the innovative project. The exhibit was unveiled on September 29 and features a map of the Philippines rendered completely in mother-of-pearl. Jewelmer’s goal was to highlight the symbiotic relationship between man and nature. Video installations can be found around the interactive gallery, which depicts Philippine marine ecosystems. 

Visitors will also learn about the five-year-long journey that it takes to produce the illustrious golden South Sea pearl. With this, the exhibit creators hope to inspire a new generation of artisans and bring awareness to what might be lost if the environment continues to deteriorate without intervention. 

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