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Shaira Luna Has A Vintage Dress For Every Formal Occasion

Ed Simon

The photographer known for her thrift-hunting skills has an incredible vintage dress for every formal event

Aside from her captivating, dreamlike images, Shaira Luna has made a name for herself as a thrifting queen. The 35-year-old celebrity photographer has a knack for hunting down gems in thrift stores and putting together eccentric outfits from the past. Her secondary Instagram, exclusively to share her vintage finds, has over 23,000 followers, all eager to know what treasure she will find next and how she will style them. Her YouTube channel, which also centers on her second-hand hauls, has more than 44,000 subscribers.

What’s more impressive is how Luna manages to match her finds for even the most formal occasions. At the Vogue Philippines Gala, she dawned a vintage black and white Jessica McClintock gown paired with a hold red lip to tie together her classic look.

Similar to Carrie Bradshaw’s wedding suit “by no one” in the Sex and the City movie, Luna made headlines last month when she married Cocoy Aranas in a Php100 gown she found in a La Union thrift store. She topped off the look with an early 1900s bridal headpiece from Glorious Dias, a well-known local vintage haven. 

For a formal event, Shaira rented a Victorian-esque sheer dress from Vestido that showed off her tattoos while preserving the old world feel she was after. There’s no doubting her love for nostalgia. For a friends wedding on another occasion, she chose a sparkling light green gown in an Edwardian silhouette that she bought from a vintage seller on eBay.

We’ve rounded up some of the best gowns in Luna’s wardrobe:

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