The Rise Of Vintage Shopping On Instagram

Image courtesy of It’s Vintage Vintage

For vintage finds from Hawaiian shirts to limited edition designer pieces, shop these four local brands on Instagram.

Let’s admit it: part of the thrill of thrifting is the hunt. But the musky smells and dust-induced allergies? We can all do without. Luckily, old-fashioned die-hards can find a fast-track to the vintage haven known as Instagram. In the past two years, after strict lockdown restrictions in the Philippines, Instagram became the resource for those who weren’t able to scour thrift racks in person, transforming into a mainstay for secondhand resellers and eco-conscious brands alike. To lower their carbon footprint and score unique finds, Gen Z buyers and entrepreneurs are looking towards platforms like Depop and Instagram for upcycling and thrifting.

Of course, it isn’t just Instagram getting resale traction. Meta has seen a rise in live feed auctions but the frequency is mostly relegated to the whims of closet-owners. Having to go through troves and troves of vintage finds to discover the yesteryear treasure you’ve been looking for can be arduous, and it’s definitely not for the faint-hearted. Luckily, as we move into the era of digitized slow fashion, social media is arming us with tools to shop in the comfort of our own homes. Since vintage shopping on Instagram has become big business, here are four brands that you should keep your eyes peeled for.

It’s Vintage Vintage

Image courtesy of It’s Vintage Vintage

It’s Vintage Vintage is a sanctuary for all things nostalgic. Young designer Fed Pua makes his pieces accessible by handpicking vintage items sourced from around the globe. With Sailor Moon tees, a generous selection of racing sweatshirts, and floral Hawaiian shirts, It’s Vintage Vintage doesn’t skimp on the novelty of thrifting.

Glorious Dias

Image courtesy of Glorious Diaz

Through a kitschy and eccentric take on secondhand fashion, Glorious Dias is a celebration of Filipino heritage and unique vintage finds. By incorporating Philippine textiles into everyday wear, Glorious Dias repurposes these fabrics into modern silhouettes. Expect aprons, pinafore dresses, Y2K plaid flares, Vivienne Westwood treasures, and intricate barongs in their unique selection.


Image courtesy of ATOMIC

Atomic is an ode to the subcultures of Manila and the whirring energy of New York City. In the hopes of showing a multifaceted identity of the Philippines in terms of fashion, Atomic sets itself apart by referencing early ’00s grunge and Japanese culture. From a Happi Jacket embroidered with childhood references to Winx fairy-looking crop tops with racing graphics, Atomic takes on an ebullient perspective of vintage fashion.


Colin Dancel

Ersatz has a treasure trove of retro pieces with a number of designer brands in tow. With a vast array of vintage Japanese finds like Ganryu by Comme des Garçons denim jeans, Yohji Yamamoto Wrap Pants, and Issey Miyake Pleats Please vests, founders and visionaries Cristina Gimenez and Julio Del Prado curates these prized possessions and brings them to you without a hitch. An overarching aesthetic leaning towards minimalist and foundational pieces, the true vintage obsessed will surely discover a library of garments worth exploring by checking out the brand’s account.

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