The Coolest Hairstyle At The Vogue Philippines Anniversary Gala Was Glossy, Slicked-Back Hair

Courtesy of Perry Tabora. Photo by Niko Gonzales

Be it styled into an edgy bun or pulled back into a power pony, the newest spin on effortless party hair is decidedly sleek, exuding a fresh take on minimalist beauty. 

Sleek, pulled-back hair is having a moment, so it’s no wonder that so many guests at the Vogue Philippines Anniversary Gala came bedecked in these strong, edgy looks. Sophisticated, and chosen with intention, these shiny styles exuded a strength and modernity befitting the evening’s industry affair. 

Leaving no loose ends, Nadine Lustre demonstrated the sartorial appeal of a sculptural, almost origami-like updo, an artistic accompaniment to her black, corseted evening gown. Another slick style came courtesy of Ysabel Ortega, who finished off her tresses with textured ends, almost reminiscent of a youthful ‘90s style bun. 

Nadine Lustre brought together many trends in one: her single giant kiss curl, mini buns, and spiky hair reflected the actress-singer’s edgy style. Photo by Ralph Mendoza.
Ysabel Ortega shines at the Vogue Philippines Anniversary Gala. Photo by Sandro Paredes

Middle parts and high ponytails proved to be a winning combination, and epitomized an unfussy approach to evening dressing, as spotted on Kyline Alcantara and Megan Young. Kiana Valenciana was also a fan of the power pony, as were Cristalle Belo and race car driver Bianca Bustamante. 

Bianca Bustamante went sleek throughout with a very long high ponytail. Photo by Kieran Punay
Cristalle Belo went for a high-impact long ponytail at the Vogue Philippines Anniversary Gala Photo by Pau Guevarra

Epitomizing a fierce no-nonsense vibe, Anne Curtis steps out in a black suit, with her hair pulled back into a mini bun and rendered with a sultry wet-look veneer. Chiseled cheeks, a deep V-neckline, and the right attitude finish off her tailored ensemble. Bianca Umali was also a stunner, her hair styled in a ballerina-esque top knot, befitting the artsy, edgy vibe of her dress.   

Anne Curtis’ trendy, spiky mini bun was a perfect foil to her devastating vintage Yves Saint Laurent suit. Photo by Ralph Mendoza
Bianca Umali wore her top bun sleek and polished. Photo by Ralph Mendoza

Clean, minimalist buns were also favored by sisters Ella and Hannah Pangilinan, who wore their hair neatly swept away. Their low maintenance locks also showcased how this look is the perfect counterpoint to textured fashions, with Ella in a halter dress filled with pleated ruffles, and Hannah opting for the ease of deconstruction and ruching in black. Athlete Alyssa Valdez, on the other hand, looked amazing in a white one-shoulder gown, her hair mimicking the minimalist lines of her ensemble. 

Hannah Pangilinan’ topped up the clean minimalist bun by adding face-framing hair streaks. Photo by Ralph Mendoza
Ella Pangilinan went ultra-classic and polished with her clean bun. Photo by Ralph Mendoza

Truly asserting its influence, this sleek style was even seen on Liza Soberano, who traded the loose waves she had at the start of the event, for a slicked-back style finished off with long braided hair for the after party. Having started the evening on a note of transformation, the actress likewise changes up her look and dons a black and gold outfit from Louis Vuitton. Vogue Philippines cover star Bretman Rock was yet another A-lister who went sleeker after hours, spotted with his long mane styled half-up at the Shangri-La’s The Back Room. 

Liza Soberano’s afterparty hair update was sleek with a long braid. Photo by Mik Primacio
For the Vogue Philippines Gala Afterparty, Bretman Rock updated his entire look, adding texture from crown to Fanci Club top. Photo by JL Javier

Uncomplicated, fearless and sometimes edgy, there’s a modernity to this hair trend that seems to inspire confidence in its wearers. And with locks tucked squarely away, it allows the focus to be directed to the face, allowing one’s natural beauty to shine through. 

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