Marion Branellec De Guzman’s Look Is A Nod To Opulence  

Photo by Andrea Ang

At the Vogue Philippines Anniversary Gala, Marion Branellec made a statement in her in her pared-back ensemble, complete with a classic strand of pearls.  

Repeating a look on the red carpet is becoming increasingly popular. Through the concept of re-wear, the industry’s biggest and brightest names send out a strong message when it comes to considering mindful options. 

Marion Branellec De Guzman Vogue gala
Marion Barenellec de Guzman wears a two-strand pearl necklace from Jewelmer. Photo by Andrea Ang

While some of the A-listers borrow outfits from brands, repeating occasion wear and curating new ensembles from worn pieces sets an example of how we should all be approaching red carpet events. 

Step forward Marion Branellec De Guzman, who graced the red carpet with a ballet-inspired look composed of her most versatile pieces. Her choice of accessories was none other than a classic strand of pearls. 

“Of course, I chose Jewelmer pearls because pearls can be worn over and over and [will]  always be fresh,” she shares. “They have been worn since the time of ancient goddesses to the [age of the] modern trailblazing women of today.”

Opting for a romantic black ensemble with a sultry twist, Branellec’s demure color palette embraced a quieter fashion sensibility on the event’s red carpet. 

Marion Branellec De Guzman Vogue gala
Marion Barenellec de Guzman does a classic, grown up take on the ballerina trend. Photo by Andrea Ang

Hints of glamour and regality radiate through the streamlined silhouette of her outfit. “Rewear and refresh meant I wanted to go back to what I had in my closet and wear it in a different way,” Branellec says. With a tulle skirt from Rosenthal Tee and a body-hugging bustier from Reformation, she approached tonight’s “Rework and Rewear” theme with an ultramodern approach. 

“The outfit is a classic, black [look] with a ballerina-like silhouette and [a] strand of pearls [for] a touch of gold to make a statement,” she says.

Always leaning into intricate yet effortless ensembles, Branellec looked to Rosenthal Tee for her evening look. “Rosenthal Tee knows how to find the right cut,” she says, “For me, comfort is equally as important as style so I can enjoy the evening.” 

Marion Branellec De Guzman Vogue gala
Preferring separates for maximum wear, Marion Branellec de Guzman also rewore an entire outfit in line with the gala’s theme. Photo by Andrea Ang

Mirroring Jewelmer’s values, the Jewelmer marketing manager continuously endorses a more circular fashion system and champions the concept of re-wear. 

“I like two-piece outfits that I can put together in different ways so my outfits get more than one use,” she adds. Without the need for over-the-top embellishments, Branellec’s streamlined shape and embellished details brought enough drama to prove that minimalist evening looks can achieve the right amount of romance.  

It was an elegance that was reiterated in Branellec’s beauty look, which came courtesy of makeup artist Johnson Estrella

Her hairstylist Sabrina Alora also kept Branellec’s hairstyle minimal, opting for a wispy updo. “I like natural looks and I trust them to always make me feel like my best self,” she says. 

Through the notion of re-wear and innovation, Branellec continues to demonstrate what a dash of imagination can do on the red carpet. 

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