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Why Should You Apply Serums in the Morning? Dr. Vicki Belo Says, “The skin has its own rhythm.”

Photographed by JL Javier

Find out why routine timing and adding another layer of protection during the morning with Belo’s ZO Skin Health are vital for your skin

In creating a skincare regimen, timing plays a pivotal role in unlocking a healthier and more radiant skin. During the day, our skin is most vulnerable to external aggressors called oxidants or free radicals (generated from pollution, dust, and dirt), which pose a significant threat to our skin’s overall health. 

“Oxidants are these Pac-man cells that eat up your [skin’s] protein and cause inflammation,” explains renowned dermatologist Dr. Vicki Belo, adding that our exposure to them can cause hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and dryness. When it comes to combating these elements, the skin expert advises using antioxidants as a means to further protect our skin, especially when added in the morning.

“There’s such a thing as the skin clock, which means that the skin has its own rhythm,” shares renowned dermatologist Dr. Vicki Belo. “In the morning, if you apply things that protect your skin they will be absorbed much better than if you apply it in the evening,” says The Belo Medical Group founder, emphasizing that morning—and throughout the day—should be all about protection.

Why are antioxidant serums vital in your AM skincare?

Serums, particularly those rich in antioxidants, offer a concentrated solution to fend off the oxidative stress our skin endures daily. These potent formulas are designed to penetrate deeply, delivering a blend of active ingredients that combat free radicals.

A tube of Belo Medical Group's ZO Illuminating AOX Serum
Photo courtesy of Belo Medical Group

Given that the skin has its own circadian rhythm, morning applications of serums like ZO Illuminating AOX Serum are more absorbed effectively. “It’s like putting a filter on your face,” illustrates Dr. Belo, pointing out the dual functionality of the serum as makeup and skincare. “If you religiously apply antioxidant serums, it can further strengthen the skin’s barrier as it prevents transepidermal water loss. That means you’ll also keep your skin hydrated.” 

The ZO Illuminating AOX Serum also contains vitamins like A, C, and E, essential ingredients that fight free radicals. It also contains microbiomes that offer an advantage in developing luminous skin and skin health.

What part of my skincare regimen should I apply an antioxidant serum?

The best time to apply an antioxidant serum is after cleansing your face. The ZO Illuminating AOX Serum contains concentrated formulas, designed to absorb quickly into your skin, ensuring it benefits from the serum’s active ingredients effectively.

For those concerned about the texture, Dr. Belo reassures that serums are designed to be lightweight, non-greasy, and makeup-friendly. “It’s a serum. It’s not a moisturizer but a hydrator, making your skin breathe while giving you the luminosity or the iridescent look of beautiful skin,” she states, highlighting the illuminating serum’s ease of use and compatibility with sunscreen, a critical companion for daytime protection, especially in the humid weather in the Philippines.

A tube of Belo Medical Group's ZO Illuminating AOX Serum
Photo courtesy of Belo Medical Group

As a dermatology expert, Dr. Vicki Belo aims to shed light on a simple but impactful skincare philosophy: the right product, when applied at the right time, can significantly bolster our skin’s health and appearance. She encapsulates this advice with an easy-to-recall mantra, “Repair is in the evening, protection is in the morning.”

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