Evan Mock is All About Contemporary Cool and Bold Colors
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An Ode to His Hawaiian Heritage, Evan Mock is All About Contemporary Cool Matched with Bold Colors

Evan Mock stars in “Color You Can Feel,” his first campaign with Maui Jim as their global brand ambassador. Photo courtesy of Maui Jim

The American actor, model, and skateboarder embraces his island roots by bringing a vibrant vision to the eyewear world with Maui Jim’s newest campaign

Evan Mock isn’t just known for his roles in front of the camera or deft maneuvers on the halfpipe. The Gossip Girl alum has been known for his hair transformations from neon pink and green to electric blue, and even sporting his original black mane—albeit longer than his usual buzzcut—for a time in 2023. The 27-year-old’s bold hairstyle choices have made waves, even catching the eye of singer-songwriter Frank Ocean with his neon pink hair.

The actor-model recalls how he decided to just shave his head sometime in 2018. “I haven’t shaved my head in 15 years. [I thought] I might as well make my hair some color instead of just [bleaching] it.” [I feel like] it’s now a part of my DNA,” he tells Vogue Hommes, detailing his hair journey as he prepares for the Off-White Spring/Summer 2020 show in Paris Fashion Week.

Evan Mock skateboarding wearing black Maui Jim sunglasses
Photo courtesy of Maui Jim

Beyond hair, Mock’s connection to color runs deeper, all the way back to his Hawaiian roots. His recent return to a blonde buzz cut, a signature style of his, reflects more than just his contemporary and adventurous style and zany personality. It also signifies his latest collaboration with Maui Jim, a sunglasses brand known for its rich Hawaiian heritage and premium eyewear.

Growing up on the shores of Oahu, Mock’s connection to the island’s lifestyle through surfing, the beach, and by extension, the importance of quality eyewear is deeply personal. Evan also recalls how Maui Jim has been a part of his life. Now that he is the Kering eyewear label’s global brand ambassador, this feels like a full-circle moment. “It was just around. My grandfather had them, my father had them, that’s why the project became interesting to me,” shares Mock.

His collaboration with the Hawaiian brand comes in three folds: the “Color You Can Feel” campaign; the launch of ‘Ekahi (“one” in Hawaiian), the first collection of the sunglasses brand under Kering Eyewear; and the “Maui Strong Fund” of the Hawaiian Community Foundation and banding together to support their island community from the devastating wildfires in Lahaina.

“It’s not just about sunglasses, it’s what you get when you put them on. Colors are vibrating. Watch the sunset and tell me what you feel,” shares Mock about his collaboration with Maui Jim as their global ambassador. In the campaign’s fashion film, Maui Jim invites wearers to experience a deeper, more vibrant connection with the world around them.

Featured in “Color You Can Feel” is the ‘Ekahi collection, focusing on three innovative lens materials: MauiPure, MauiBrilliant, and SuperThin Glass, engineered to cater to diverse open-air activities and preferences, from athletic pursuits to style-driven Gen -Z trends with innovative prescription technology through the PolarizedPlus2 lenses, protecting your eyes from the sun’s glare and UV radiation.

This 15-piece collection also features designs named after Hawaiian concepts and elements that tie into Maui Jim’s identity: the Wavy Pattern sings the praise of the ocean’s rhythm, the Hawaiian Native Pattern draws from traditional textile motifs, and the Slash takes inspiration from the brand’s script logo. Each piece is a tribute to the island’s culture and an “invitation to experience the richness of color and clarity through state-of-the-art lens materials” designed for every outdoor enthusiast’s lifestyle.

For more information on Maui Jim’s latest collection, visit Maui Jim’s official website. Follow Ideal Vision and Maui Jim on Instagram.

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