What Went Down At This ‘Mini Met’ Gala Red Carpet Watch Party

Photo by Martin Romero

While the 2024 Met Gala unfolded at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, fashion creatives and content creators had their own “mini Met” with the annual Met Gala Red Carpet Watch Party.

As the crowd gathered on the streets and the celebrities got ready to depart for the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Instagram gathered its most well-known fashion and social media luminaries—from stylists to content creators and journalists to photographers—for the annual Met Gala Red Carpet Watch Party.

At The Mark Hotel’s lobby, fashion writer Wesley Breed describes the energy as “chaotic,” with Instagram’s team members managing the crowds and with the yells and screams from the streets. Inside the Instagram Creator Penthouse, a flurry of excited energy flowed as the guests socialized with each other and glimpsed the red carpet.

The party, dubbed the “mini Met” by Lucien Pages, was also filled with attendees such as Eva Chen, Robert Wun, Deanna First, and Young Emperors’ Nelson Tiberghien and Isabelle Chaput.

Fashion writer and content creator Wesley Breed. Photo by Martin Romero

For pop culture anthropologist Blakely Thornton, the atmosphere made him wonder “how Beyoncé lives this life” and that this was an incredible experience. Actress and influencer Nimay Ndolo described it as “a world above the noise.” She says she enjoyed collaborating with other creators and the “Candy Bar” from Bon Bon Sweets. And like Ndolo, the exchange of ideas, collaboration, and conversations was the highlight of the night for fellow creators.

Polaroids of Met Gala Red Carpet Watch Party guests. Courtesy of Martin Romero

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