Is Your Zodiac Sign Lucky This Sagittarius Season?

The Luckiest Zodiac Signs This Sagittarius Season

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This is a season for pushing your boundaries, embarking on exciting escapades and striving for freedom

As the archer stretches his bow and points his arrow towards the heart of Antares, the brightest star in the constellation of Scorpius on November 22, we enter the wild, carefree and adventurous Sagittarius season. This is a season for pushing your boundaries, embarking on exciting escapades and striving for freedom. Keeping the bold and audacious flavour of Sagittarius alive is just the tonic you need to add to your gin to make this a potently phenomenal time for you. While this season (22 November – 21 December) may make most feel like lucky charms themselves, here are the luckiest zodiac signs which will have lady luck shining brightly on them.


Victory and manifestation through willpower and discipline are your trump cards this Sagittarius season. Get ready to receive rewards for all the midnight oil you have burnt and all the tears, sweat and blood you have shed in the pursuit of your dreams. Your energy is the key that is unlocking huge doors for you, so stay in your lane and keep your eyes on the prize. Watch out for the four leaf clover or a ladybug popping up in your life in creative ways to let you know you are lucky.


Abundant waters flow through you and when they come from a higher space, they become limitless. Get ready to take yourself by surprise and let your intuition guide you to greener pastures, lush landscapes and trees ripe with delicious fruit. Your power move this season is your ability to effectively channel your emotions to build something magnanimous. Strike that balance and keep looking ahead at the forest. You are likely to find signs from and in trees, so keep your eyes open to see a heart-shaped tree when you seek love or a thriving bustling one when you seek abundance—you get the drift.


Like a snake shedding its skin, you have let go of a chapter that no longer works for you and be ready to receive all the sparkly, shiny goodness of life. This season, only expect yourself to receive the best because the wheels of fortune are turning in your favour. Observe how everything you think of comes to life—so, why not ensure that you only feed thoughts and visions that support this brand new version of life for you? This is a hugely transformative period and it’s all for the better. Look out for the effortless blessings in everything that comes your way and you will receive more amazing things that let you know you are one of the luckiest zodiac signs.


It’s time to bid farewell to your self doubt and reward yourself with some of your favourite donuts. Look at giving as a form of receiving and you will recognise just how much value any exchange of energy adds to your life. This season is likely to help you remember that nothing is an expense, instead everything is an investment: that movie date is an investment in entertainment which supports your mental health, all that quality grocery is an investment in your physical health and well being and that part of you that is ever ready to give is an investment in your most important relationships. Choose your investments wisely as you also hang onto your precious pot of gold. Look for a feeling of abundance and luxury in the smallest things around you to know you are on track.


While the Sagittarius season fans your adventurous side, it also brings to light a need to get organised and create with a long term vision in mind. Surprise yourself with the fertile magic of tidying up your space, yourself, your diet, your finances, your schedule, your relationships and just about anything else. Remember to take your impulsive playful personality with you wherever you go in your endeavour to create stability. Notice how more good stuff automatically falls into your life as you keep decluttering.


Pisces, get ready to get unstuck in creative ways. You may have felt like you are just not moving. This season, do not take no for an answer, so get your creative hat on and think laterally. What is around you almost doesn’t matter because you are only willing to see all that is possible for you. Look out for signs that symbolise protection for you—it could be in the form of dogs showing up or simply a gut instinct to stay loyal to yourself and your ethics. You are right on track and are about to be heavily rewarded for your steadfastness.


The Universe is blessing you with the right mentors, right advice, right opportunities and people that are supporting you to embark on a new journey this season. You may have waited in the bylanes for way too long, but now, the tables are turning and you are likely to have a more structured, tried and tested way of giving things a shot. Learn all you can from the experiences of others this season and you will further your growth at Godspeed. Observe how stepping into the system with your out of whack insights in tow, helps you change things for the better for yourself and others.


Marry your mind and heart while allowing your soul to take you forward this season. Fall in love with life, yourself, those who matter to you and your goals and let your intellect be a support system that helps you go in the direction of your inner promptings. Lead with your intuition instead of your mind and expect miraculous shortcuts and outcomes. You may feel deeply connected with yourself and the Universe. Discover how creating from a space of flow and trust attracts just the right resources and out of the box opportunities for you.

This article was originally published on Vogue India.

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