The Zodiac Signs’ Best Friends: Everything You Need To Know

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Romantic love is great, but will you be able to make it through life without some rock-solid platonic pals by your side?

While compatibility is often graded in romantic terms, knowing the zodiac signs’ best friends can help one establish bonds that last for a lifetime. After all, who else are you going to call when love whirls through your life like a hurricane and leaves you to salvage the wreckage later? Platonic love can service the need for companionship that your soul is craving after a gruelling day, and here are the zodiac signs’ best friends that are destined to be together forever: 


No two nights look the same when you are partying with an Aries, and you need someone who can truly match your energy pace-for-pace and help fuel your wilder instincts—and stick around to pick up the pieces later. 

Sending SOS get-me-out-of-here texts on a bad date to: Leo and Sagittarius


As an earth sign, your steady, consistent nature needs someone who can match your JOMO-loving personality. An equally level-headed sign is what you need to cosy up indoors in your rattiest pair of PJs and watch Queer Eye reruns with. 

First call after a bad breakup: Cancer and Virgo


Your free-spirited personality cannot be boxed up and labelled neatly, which is why you need someone who can truly understand what makes you tick. A similar fun-loving sign will make a handy partner in crime. 

Venting about your boss’s latest temper tantrum to: Aries and Libra


The rock-solid crab is known to value steadiness in all aspects of life, and your choice of friends is no different. You naturally gravitate towards drama-free people with whom you can spend hours of companionable silence. 

Planning an all-weekend, no-stepping-off-the-couch movie marathon with: Pisces and Taurus


This fiery sun is prone to believing that they are the sun that the world revolves around—and it’s impossible to be mad when they are so charming at it. But when you look at the big picture, you’ll realise that you need the grounding force of a steady sign that knows when to call your bluff and curb your wilder instincts. 

Sending apology flowers for never coming back to the table because the bartender was cute: Gemini and Aquarius


Ruled by Mercury, there is nothing your meticulous sign distrusts as much as the notion of bumping into someone in the bathroom queue and turning into instant besties. Your inner circle is a sacred sanctum, and you like to take your time to cultivate lasting bonds with like-minded people that will truly go the distance.  

Present in all of the (two) selfies that you took last year: Taurus and Capricorn


While you have no qualms about living life on the wild side, you often need a nudge to break free from your comfort zone. A more adventurous sign than yours can be just what the doctor ordered for creating memories you’ll never forget. 

Breaking your self-imposed social media detox for a birthday shoutout to: Gemini and Aries


Your inner mama bear instinct means that you are drawn towards people who evoke your maternal tendencies and need to be shielded from the world. In return, they help you see the light at the end of the tunnel when life gets you low. 

Ditching your own birthday party to Insta-stalk an ex for: Pisces and Capricorn


Your restless personality cannot be tied down for long—you need someone who shares your joie de vivre and will have a permanent placement in all the crazy stories that you recount to your grandchildren a few decades from now. 

Booking a spontaneous breakfast in Bali with: Gemini and Aries


Quality triumphs quantity in a Capricorn’s rulebook and instead of a horde of “maybe” friends, they’d rather invest their energy in developing a few select friendships that nourish their mind and soul.  

Singing until the crew at the karaoke bar physically makes you leave: Virgo and Scorpio


While your rebellious personality often has you misconstrued as a loner, the truth is that you need a few steady people by your side to keep you from getting caught up in the complexities of the universe and to live a little. 

Slipping out of a party at 9PM with: Libra and Aries


Though easily labelled as a hopeless romantic, your emotional sensitivity also means that you are able to see things that others don’t. However, you also need the occasional talking-to when you’re getting caught up in a fantasy by a sign that knows when it’s important to be cruel in order to be kind. 

Watching Gossip Girl reruns in the bathtub with macaroons and: Cancer and Scorpio

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