The Best Date Ideas For The Zodiac Signs

The Best Date Ideas For The Zodiac Signs

Phil Oh

Every once in a while, life sends someone special your way who requires a little more thought and effort than Netflix and chill. If you are looking to fast-forward over hours of awkward conversations and prolonged silences, it could help to take cues from your date’s zodiac sign to design an evening that answers what they are looking for at a deeper level. We’ve done the legwork and drawn up a blueprint of date ideas that you can copy-paste when your newest Tinder crush of the week swipes back. Below are tailormade date ideas for the zodiac signs:


Although known for their fierce competitiveness, few are aware that the rams of the zodiac wheel harbour a child-like streak of playfulness. Stand out from every other first date they’ve had in the past by taking them to an old-school amusement park. They will complain the whole time about how much they hate it and be secretly mad if you don’t win them a stuffed animal.


Putting together a night of drinks and dining is a task that a Taurean excels at, so don’t even try to muscle in on their territory. Instead, indulge them with a DIY cooking kit that the two of you can put together and will earn them bragging rights in their BFF group on WhatsApp later.


As the life of the party, you will want to take this social butterfly to where they can sparkle under the spotlight. Group dates are a good way to get into their heart, and you might also want to rack up some bonus points by starting a drinking game that they are likely to win.


As the homebodies of the zodiac wheel, this water sign is characterised by their sensitivity and sentimentality that they try to hide from the world. Treat them to an old-school dinner à deux and remember to ignore the sudden, mysterious sniffing during the sad bits of the romcom.


If you’re trying to woo a Leo, be prepared to indulge their big lion energy. A Leo truly thrives at the centre of attention, so you might want to impress them by scoring a table at a celebrity-loved fine-dining haunt that is rumoured to be booked out for months. Try not to take it personally if they start people-watching before the first course is served.


Trying to court a Virgo is a walk in the park, literally. Leave the flashing strobe lights of the newest It-club behind and instead spend some quality time with them at a garden picnic. Don’t forget to up your street cred by innocuously slipping in some facts about your impressive Tupperware collection.


Ruled by dreamy Venus, a Libra first fell in love with the idea of love while watching an old-timey romcom—and this notion hasn’t been updated ever since. Pull out all the frills and fancies with a quintessential candlelit dinner, cheese-tasting night or even a day of window-shopping, but make sure you inform them in advance to put on sensible shoes for the occasion.


Pluto, the planet of transformation and rebirth, holds sway over a Scorpio’s heart and it comes as little surprise they are drawn to mystery like moths to a flame. Channel their inner need for passion and excitement with a night of stargazing or a scenic boat ride where the waters run deep and the conversations run deeper.


Governed by the abundance of Jupiter, you will want to go big if you don’t want to end up going home. The ideal date ideas for this zodiac sign include everything from wine tasting among the swish set to a night of adventure sports.


If your date night idea is mindful of their sleep schedule, you can consider a second date confirmed. Not big on surprises, you will want to meet this earth sign on their own terms with a leisurely coffee at their favourite bistro (that you scouted during an intensive Instagram stalking session), or watching the sunset while sipping their favourite cocktail (also thanks to your FBI-worthy stalking sesh.)


The influence of Uranus is visible in an Aquarian’s inherent need for rebellion and straying from the status quo, so help them steer clear of the crowds with a museum visit or a night of introspective poetry. Word to the wise: try not to read too much into it when they deactivate their Instagram for three days after.


Ruled by Neptune, you can count Pisces among the dreamers. Give them a reason to slide on those rose-tinted glasses with a short road trip to a neighbouring town or cosy up around a bonfire night with friends, but maybe save those ghost stories for date number three.

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