Raising Hope: Women Championing Social Good Through Non Profits
International Women's Day

Raising Hope: Women Championing Social Good Through Non Profits

Art by Gianne Encarnacion

Vogue Philippines celebrates International Women’s Day through “Raising Hope,” in a call for nominations of inspiring women. These women do noble work by providing leadership excellence through their non-profit organizations, showing how they uplift their communities by leading with compassion. 

To do good deeds without anything in return is a noble act, and these women promote positive change through leading with grace through their nonprofit initiatives. Through dedication and passion, these women tirelessly work to address pressing social issues and uplift marginalized communities. 

Christina Henson, Nominated by Esther Elizabeth B. Suson 

Christina Henson, founder of Generations Home, a non-profit organization that connects vulnerable children with families to love and care for them. Courtesy of Chrina Henson

Nominator Esther Elizabeth B. Suson applauds Christina Henson for her founding the non-profit organization Generations-Home. With 1.8 million orphaned children in the Philippines, Henson’s dedication to advocating for the rights and well-being of vulnerable children through Generations—Home is crucial.

“Chrina’s heart for advocacy started in 2017 when she and her husband, Jon, learned they were pregnant. In excitement, they moved from Singapore back to the Philippines with the intention to raise their baby in a family environment. However, in the sixth month of her pregnancy, the baby was stillborn.” Suson shares. “Chrina mourned the loss of her baby, believing that though she felt like a mother, her arms were empty. Deep in grief, she was jolted out of her pain with the sudden realization that though her arms were empty, there were thousands of children who were looking for mothers and fathers to hold them. She realized: Her arms were not empty. They were available.”

Henson’s journey, starting from personal loss and evolving into a profound realization of the need to support orphaned children, demonstrates her deep empathy and compassion. Her experience of grief transformed into a powerful drive to make a difference in the lives of children who need love and care, inspiring her to establish Generations—Home and initiate impactful programs. Henson is also actively involved in community initiatives aimed at influencing legislative change, such as The Domestic Administrative Adoption and Alternative Child Care Act (RA 11642) to create a more supportive legal framework for vulnerable children in the Philippines. Presently, she serves on the Board of Experts for Smart Parenting as their Adoption and Foster Care Expert. 

Through Generations—Home, Henson is pioneering long-term solutions to the orphan crisis by focusing on building permanent families, one child, and one generation at a time. Her programs, ranging from supporting pregnant women in crisis to assisting orphaned adults transitioning out of care facilities, demonstrate a holistic approach aimed at eradicating the root causes of orphanhood and providing sustainable support to vulnerable children and families.

Additionally, Henson is also the Founder and Executive Producer of Studio Impact, a creative agency that features the social responsibility and meaningful work of organizations. In 2022, Women Of The Future acknowledged her as Highly Commended in the field of media.

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