International Women's Day

Raising Hope: Thriving Women in The Tech Industry

Art by Soleil Ignacio

Vogue Philippines celebrates International Women’s Day through “Raising Hope,” in a call for nominations of inspiring women. Explore the stories of women redefining technological innovations and making their mark in the digital age. 

In the rapidly evolving world of technology, the perspectives and insights of women are important. Not only do they serve as mentors and role models inspiring the next generation of tech professionals, women in tech also bring unique contributions to product development and provide creative and effective solutions to technological problems. 

Lyantoinette Chua, Nominated by Reinette Osdon

Courtesy of Lyantoinette Chua

As a woman in engineering and safety, nominator Reinette Osdon finds inspiration in Lyan’s commitment to fostering a safer and more equitable world, especially in the fields of technology ethics and governance, which are traditionally dominated by men. Her recent recognition as one of the 100 Women in AI Ethics further highlights the significance of her work and the enduring impact she continues to make in shaping the future of technology. 

“Chua inspires me mainly due to her invaluable work on emerging socio-technical concerns, such as the safe and ethical use of AI and its governance in the Philippines and beyond.” Osdon shares.

Chua’s focus on emerging socio-technical concerns, such as the ethical use of AI, demonstrates her dedication to addressing complex societal challenges. As an independent technology ethics and governance consultant and a fellow at the Center for AI and Digital Policy (CAIDP), as a founding member of the Ethically Aligned Design Concentration of Power Committee under the IEEE SA, and during her tenure as Associate Editor (Coordinator for Asia) for one of the first worldwide assessments of AI policies and practices which is published by CAIDP, Chua is recognized as a leader in her field. A notable aspect of Chua’s work is her contribution to global standards for autonomous and intelligent systems through her involvement with the Ethically Aligned Design Concentration of Power Committee under the IEEE SA. 

Moreover, her founding of “The Ambit,” a civic coalition dedicated to ethical AI governance in the Philippines and Southeast Asia, underscores her proactive approach to affecting positive change. Through The Ambit’s publications namely the Public Call on Ethics, Safety, and Governance of AI in the Philippines and the Whitepaper on AI Perils and Use in Southeast Asia, Chua amplifies crucial conversations and advocates for responsible AI practices on both regional and global levels. 

Virginia Mayo 

Courtesy of Virginia Mayo 

Virginia Mayo’s work holds immense importance in today’s global digital economy, where flexibility, scalability, and security are paramount. As a Distinguished Engineer at Kyndryl, she stands among a select group of innovators shaping the future of digital infrastructure. With her role as Vice President of Security and Resiliency Global Delivery Practice, Mayo ensures that Kyndryl’s clients benefit from secure, resilient, and compliant systems, safeguarding their businesses against potential threats. Her extensive expertise in enterprise infrastructure automation, security, and resiliency has earned her global recognition, culminating in her appointment as the first Filipino-American technical executive in IBM corporate history.

Her accolades, including the prestigious TOFA (The Outstanding Filipino in America) Award given to her at Carnegie Hall in October 2021, and the Alumni Achievement Award from NJIT, underscore her exemplary career and dedication to advancing technology and cybersecurity. However, Mayo’s contributions extend beyond her professional achievements, as evidenced by her pursuit of advanced education in cybersecurity and her involvement in organizations like the NJIT Murray Center for Women in Technology where she serves as a board member since June 2021 and in the Metropolitan Family Health Network since 2016.  

Through her leadership and technical prowess, Mayo continues to shape the landscape of digital infrastructure, ensuring a safer and more resilient digital future for businesses and women worldwide.

Kate Hancock, Nominated by Daniel Robbins

Courtesy of Kate Hancock

According to nominator Daniel Robbins, Kate Hancock’s story is a transformative journey from humble beginnings to global recognition in the world of technology. A key aspect of her influence lies in her pivotal role in establishing the Global AI Council, a nonprofit initiative dedicated to fostering ethical and accessible AI solutions for societal betterment. By championing the responsible use of artificial intelligence, Hancock addresses critical challenges in healthcare, education, and economic opportunities, particularly for underserved communities worldwide. Her commitment to free education for all underscores her belief in providing equal opportunities for success, leveraging technology as a catalyst for positive change.

Through mentorship programs, philanthropy, and speaking engagements across four continents, including two TEDx speeches, Hancock inspires aspiring entrepreneurs and marginalized individuals to pursue their dreams with resilience and determination. Her creation of a global community with over one hundred thousand members, and the show “The Future”, which was the highest-rated show on CNN Philippines, further amplified her impact, showcasing her ability to mobilize and empower people on a global scale.

“Her journey from a small island in the Philippines to international recognition, her role in advancing AI for social good, and her unwavering commitment to empowering others make her an exemplary figure for Vogue Philippines,” Robbins says. “Her life and work embody the essence of making a positive impact on society, showcasing the profound influence one person can have in shaping a better future for all.”

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