Why Golden Pearls Should Be Your Go-To Last Minute Christmas Gift This Year

Why Golden Pearls Should Be Your Go-To Last Minute Christmas Gift This Year

Jewelmer’s signature golden South Sea Pearls come alive with La Mer en Majesté, earrings shaped to mimic tendrils swaying delicately in the sea. Jewelmer earrings. Ed Simon

The golden South Sea pearl is the thoughtful gift idea you should consider this year.

Pearls have long been a sign of wealth. For centuries, the pearl necklace signified incomparable wealth and luxury. Before the industry for cultured pearls was developed in the early 1900s by Kokichi Mikimoto, the gem was incredibly rare. To this day, only around five percent of pearls on the market are natural, meaning they were formed without human intervention.

Courtesy of Jewelmer

As pearls became more commercially available, the traditional string of pearls came to be thought of as outdated and old-fashioned. However, in recent years, the ocean gem has found renewed popularity. Luxury fashion houses like Miu Miu, Givenchy, Dior, and Chanel, pearls are getting a new lease on life with inventive designs, including options for men.

How Golden Pearls Are Made

At the forefront of this resurgence is the golden South Sea pearl. These days, the gold-colored gems are the most coveted pearl color of them all.

Like all variations, the golden pearl is formed inside a living oyster. The factors that inform the value of one pearl are its size, luster, nacre, cleanliness, and shape. However, it takes approximately two to four years to develop just one golden pearl, unlike the other varieties that only require one to two years.

Courtesy of Jewelmer

With values like sustainability and environmental awareness defining this generation, the golden pearl has become a marker for changes in climate, and a means to further awareness about the deterioration of ecosystems. The uniquely colored gem, found only in the Philippines and Indonesia, is known to only thrive in “pristine waters,” and is sensitive to its conditions.

That means each pearl holds a unique record of the environment it was born into, reminding its wearer of the care and compassion needed to birth each gem.

A Brand New Look

We’ve all been there; that moment when you get caught up in all the holiday gatherings, and homecoming parties for your family and friends, all while balancing your year-end workload. Thankfully, there’s no need to worry about

While traditional pearls have made their way into the looks of pop stars like Rihanna and Harry Styles, their golden counterparts have been spotted on the likes of Sophia Vergara, Michelle Obama, and other major celebrities.

When in doubt this season, golden pearls are sure to make for an elegant and thoughtful gift that can be passed down for generations to come.

Courtesy of Jewelmer
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