Holiday Gift Guide: Vito Puyat

Courtesy of Vito Puyat

Vito Puyat’s wishlist evokes a sense of wanderlust and comfort.

Tis the season for giving. Vogue Philippines talks to tastemakers and style mavens about what sought-after pieces they’re eyeing this year. Vito Puyat’s picks this season are infused with his personality and taste.

If there’s anything 25-year-old Vito Puyat has a knack for, it’s following one’s passions. The First Class Honors psychology graduate at Newcastle University and son of Tourism Secretary Berna Romulo Puyat has been carving a name for himself as an environmental advocate.

His passion for nature began at an early age and grew to encompass his professional pursuits. Puyat went on to work as an Environmental Associate in El Nido, which involved researching and studying native wildlife and marine life in the country. For the December issue of Vogue Philippines, the young environmentalist put together a list of covetable items that reflect both his personal tastes and lifestyle.

“The main inspiration for my wishlist is based on a shift of priorities and values I’ve had over the past few years, especially during the onset of the pandemic,” Puyat tells us. “Majority of the items I chose in my list either have practical value and utility to both my work and hobbies that make them valuable in my everyday life or are based around experiences.”

According to him, less tangible and more abstract presents often end up being the most impactful in shaping who we are. “I wanted to give myself presents that would have value beyond this year’s holidays,” he continues. “Since the best presents, based on my personal opinion, are not necessarily the most expensive, extravagant items but the ones that become a part of us and those which we appreciate for the rest of our lives.”

Puyat lists his wish for more adventurous presents; a trip to a place he’s never been before, a meal at restaurants never had before, a symbolic adoption to support the World Wildlife Fund, positivity, and gratitude. These abstract items are supplemented by pieces that likewise reflect his passions. A bike to keep active and bond with friends, an oil set to continue cathartic artmaking, a sketchbook to make art on, and so forth.

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