Did Blackpink’s Jisoo Just Cosplay As Clark Kent?
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Did Blackpink’s Jisoo Just Cosplay As Clark Kent?

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The singer posted a telling photo on Instagram.

To stand in the crowd at a Blackpink concert is to bear witness to a pantheon of pop superheroes. Here are four Herculean performers, trained at a secretive academy to bring pyrotechnics, elastic choreography, and super-speed vocals into the lives of everyday citizens. Liberating their fans from a life of greyscale suburban malaise, it’s little wonder that Blackpink—the spectacle, the savior—inspires similar devotion to the DC Universe.

This photo, which Jisoo uploaded to her Instagram account, makes the superhero comparison a little more clear-cut. Lounging backstage in Hanoi, the musician captured herself in the process of a Clark Kent (Superman’s everyday alter ego) metamorphosis: a sensible blue shirt bursting forth to reveal a skin-tight vest with a glimmering Diesel logo at its centre. It was basically Superman’s signature “S” symbol… but a different letter. Hours later Jisoo would join her fellow superheroes – Jennie, Lisa, and Rosé—on stage for a turbocharged performance of songs like “Pink Venom” and “Playing With Fire”.

The most obvious difference between the Blackpink franchise and that of Marvel or DC is that the former is fashion and the latter is costume. One is cool and the other is… less cool. Throughout Blackpink’s world tour, the band members have worn coordinating costume looks from Area, Saint Laurent, Dior, Paco Rabanne, Chanel, Coperni, Courrèges, Miaou and Rui Zhou. I’m not sure comic books characters would care much for expensive couture that is not A) made from some kind of space steel, and B) cannot regenerate with a special bit of nerd magic.

This article was originally published on British Vogue.

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