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Jisoo Shows 6 Reasons Why The Little Black Dress Is A Wardrobe Essential

The Blackpink singer, who is about to launch her solo album, proves the LBD never goes out of fashion.

Blackpink is widely considered one of the most successful music acts in the world, with a wealth of historic achievements under their belts. Though it’s hard to quantify the magnitude of impact the K-pop girl group has had on global pop culture since its debut, it’s clear that each of its members has become arbiters of fashion and music in their own right.

Beyond being known for their luxury brand partnerships and regular appearances on the fashion week circuit, Jennie was the first of the group to launch her own work with her single “Solo” in 2018. She was followed by Rosé, who put out her album “R” in 2021, followed several months later by Lisa’s album debut “Lalisa.”

The latest and final member of Blackpink to release her own work is Jisoo, who made headlines after finally announcing a date for her solo album this week, set for March 31. Beyond a teaser image on Instagram, the singer and actress has largely kept details about her album under wraps.

Outside of her performances, Jisoo is widely known for her fashion, especially for her brand ambassadorship with major fashion and jewelry houses Dior and Cartier. In fact, an unprecedented boom in Dior’s sales over the pandemic was widely attributed to its decision to adopt Korean musicians and actors for its campaigns, with Jisoo leading the pack.

The 28-year-old has been undeniably claiming the ranks as a name to watch in fashion. Beyond her appearances in Vogue Korea late last year, the singer was also chosen as Vogue France’s March 2023 cover star.

In both of her Vogue appearances, fans will notice that she yet again dawns her signature little black dress, proving that the wardrobe staple still has legs over a hundred years since the term was popularized. A quick glance at Jisoo’s social media reveals that the Blackpink member does indeed maximize the LBD’s potential, wearing it for everything from casual occasions to high fashion events and even live performances.

Here are 6 of Jisoo’s best takes on the timeless style:

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