BLACKPINK’s Jennie Shines In The Idol

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After a Cannes red carpet, and the premiere of The Idol, K-pop star Jennie from the group BLACKPINK is at the eye of the storm.

The already-controversial series The Idol marks Jennie‘s screen debut, with the Korean star and member of the K-pop group BLACKPINK playing the role of Dyanne, an up-and-coming pop star. A role that arouses admiration, indignation and fascination, but also drives Jennie’s fans to watch the series.

Jennie, an up-and-coming actress?

Following the worldwide premiere of the first episode of The Idol, the Twittersphere is abuzz. Jennie‘s performance is stirring up a lot of passion and sometimes conflicting opinions, due to the high-profile controversy that continues to surround the series. However, despite all the controversy and differences of opinion, there’s only one unanimous opinion: Jennie is a knockout.

The star plays the role of Dyanne, one of Jocelyn’s dancers (played by Lily-Rose Depp), a role that is both ambiguous and ambivalent, with some Internet users accusing her of “queerbaiting” (a marketing practice that consists of trying to curry favor with LGBTQ+ communities by appropriating their codes), while others are delighted to see a K-pop icon embody a bisexual character.

During the first episode, Jennie’s dance performance drew the admiration of Lily-Rose Depp, who was impressed by the speed with which the star was able to execute the choreography to perfection. It was, however, a highly suggestive scene, which also provoked the ire of some fans for its explicit nature, deemed a little too provocative.

Will Jennie’s presence in The Idol make us forget the controversy surrounding the series?

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