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What Does Heart Evangelista Think About Holistic Health?

For artist Heart Evangelista, nurturing her body from within matters. Photo by Louis Anthony Duran of Chapters

The Vogue Philippines November 2023 cover star opens up about embracing wellness and its intrinsic connection to health and beauty

Traveling to places between Paris, her home base outside the Philippines, Milan, and New York for a number of events, Heart Evangelista’s lifestyle reflects the frantic pace inherent to international fame. Her 12.2 million Instagram followers are witnesses to all these engagements. Undoubtedly, in an industry where appearance holds value, the question arises: how does she keep up?

At the launch of AkemiGlow at Chairman’s Lounge in Okada Manila, the AkemiGlow Hithion™ capsules brand ambassador shared with guests her reflections on her outlook on health, how she finds stability through it all, and advocating for herself altogether. “I [really] love to work. I’m not the type to sit and just lounge around. [However,] no matter how busy I am, healthy choices will always be on the top of my mind,” she shares, adding that getting a nightly eight-hour sleep, a balanced diet, and hydrating herself are the foundations of her wellbeing. “I’m always aware of what I put in my body,” she declares.

Heart Evangelista seated for a quick interview with host.
Evangelista sat down for a quick interview about her views on holistic health and its intersection with beauty, adding that one’s kind personality makes a person beautiful. Photo by Louis Anthony Duran of Chapters

Evangelista’s perspective on health is broader. The fashion maven asserts that beyond the many roles she takes as an artist, wife, and author, she owes a commitment to herself and her body.  Her method is not just a rigorous beauty regimen but also nurturing her body from within, a symbiotic relationship nurtured by balanced lifestyle choices, a sound mind, and one supported by organic products that boost her overall health. “Health is indeed wealth,” she asserts.

Her belief and how it complements AkemiGlow’s ethos echo throughout the venue. Adorned with golden foliage and tall trees akin to cherry blossoms, and royal blue Ecuadorian roses, an interpretation of the country’s fall season in gold, the Chairman’s Lounge was a nod to the beauty brand’s colors and Japanese heritage.

Brown AkemiGlow capsules inside its bottle against a dark blue and gold background.
With its earthy-toned capsules, AkemiGlow acts as a shield, protecting your body from free radicals. Containing Hithion™, regular use can brighten skin and break down nutrients safely and efficiently. Photo by Louis Anthony Duran of Chapters

Made in Japan, AkemiGlow’s formula is encased in a deep brown capsule, protecting its light-sensitive components. This concoction, free from toxic dyes, also contains a star element: Hithion™, touted as a more potent ingredient than standard glutathione. It reduces toxins, boosts the immune system, and also ensures proper nutrient breakdown.

Reflecting on societal standards and the focus on outer beauty, Heart shares, “I knew right away I had to wing it and see where the charm and the personality would take me. Beauty isn’t about a certain standard. It’s how you are; it’s one’s personality which makes a person beautiful.”

Her wisdom holds a mirror to our modern perceptions of beauty, challenging the focus on mere appearance and encouraging a broader understanding that comprises kindness, confidence, and a healthy body bolstered by mindful choices. However, the Vogue 100 personality also acknowledges that different life stages bring diverse challenges, and each requires a strong, resilient mindset.

Heart Evangelista seated for a quick interview with host.
Evangelista imparts a message about beauty that she also follows: Don’t be hard on yourself. Photo by Louis Anthony Duran of Chapters

Evangelista’s final mantra to everyone is simple yet profound: don’t be hard on yourself. Stress can be a severe deterrent to your health and beauty. The real beauty secret is one’s inner peace, self-worth, and the wisdom to nourish both. “It’s about who you are,” she attests. “And you have to believe and nourish that person in you to make you beautiful and look beautiful.”

For more information, visit their official website. Follow AkemiGlow on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. AkemiGlow is available on Lazada, Shopee, TikTok Shop, and soon in retail stores in Metro Manila.

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