The Collective Heartbeat We Share Through Live Music
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The Collective Heartbeat We Share Through Live Music

Kosmiksala at the Blues Soul Funk Stage. Photographed by Christina Zabat. Shot using the HUAWEI PURA 70 PRO

No matter the space or occasion, the language of live music, with its scores of rhythms and genres, has the power to unify

With streaming music already a norm, listening to any song on-demand is quite a convenience in our digital age. It has evolved into a form of self-expression through curated playlists of songs and music videos, a much-awaited annual recap of the music we’ve enjoyed, and podcasts that serve as our personal forms of entertainment.

Despite this modern convenience, live performances seem to still draw us in with big-named pop stars and even indie artists captivating passionate fans by singing and dancing to their heart’s content. At a glance, elaborate production of shows in arenas and performances in intimate settings such as bars, stand in stark contrast to the solitary enjoyment from earphones and screens.

This brings us to an intriguing reflection: What makes listening to live music such an emotionally charged experience? Vogue Philippines delved into this question, capturing the exhilaration of live performances and heartfelt moments of live music through the lens of the Huawei Pura 70 Pro.

“It’s all about energy,” says singer-songwriter Rice Lucido as she recounts her performance at the acoustic stage during the Fête de la Musique’s 30th anniversary in the Philippines. She expounds, “There’s a challenge when you’re the first to step onto the stage. Like, how do you draw people in? But when you see people just respond even with a nod to the beat of your music, you’re good. That feels good.”

Rice Lucido. Photographed by Christina Zabat. Shot using the HUAWEI PURA 70 PRO

The same festival, launched in 1982 in France and a Philippine edition in 1994, has become a platform for musicians of diverse music styles. From pop and indie rock to shoegaze and hip-hop to electronic and house genres, music lovers are invited to partake in the many acts spread across different stages located in the city.

Grammy and Academy Award winner Jon Batiste, during his visit to the Brooklyn Music School in 2023, also shared a compelling perspective on live performances: “With so many ways to communicate at our disposal, we must not forget the transformative power of a live music experience and genuine human exchange.”

Big Beer Dippers and August Wahh at the Blues Soul Funk Stage. Photographed by Christina Zabat. Shot using the HUAWEI PURA 70 PRO

Interestingly, science has also weighed in on this phenomenon. In a recent study by Trost and his colleagues in Zurich, his team found that live music significantly stimulates the brain than recorded tunes. Sascha Frühholz, one of the researchers, explains, “Live music intensifies our emotional response, probably due to its free-flowing, dynamic nature. If you go to a live concert, you’re not alone. This intensified emotional experience is also a social experience.”

Dotov, Bosnyak, and Trainor (2021) revealed that when we’re listening to live music in groups, the energy of our movements significantly increases, driven by the subtle, unspoken signals we get from others. Moreover, Federico Curzel found in 2024 that the bigger the group we’re in, the more enriched our experience becomes, not just socially, but also in terms of our mental processes. 

Kosmiksala at the Blues Soul Funk Stage. Photographed by Christina Zabat. Shot using the HUAWEI PURA 70 PRO

Ultimately, live music events serve as more than just venues for entertainment. They are vibrant communal spaces where every song, dance move, outfit, and applause becomes part of a larger narrative of connection. The collective heartbeat that resonates through the crowd and within ourselves reminds us of the unique and irreplaceable experiences that only live performances can provide—a deeply human way to share emotions and moments.

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