Shangri-La Opens its Doors to an Enchanting Holiday Season
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Shangri-La Opens its Doors to an Enchanting Holiday Season

Photo courtesy of Shangri-La

Through hospitality and service, Shangri-La The Fort elevates the Holiday experience

The subdued hums of Christmas bells and streets brightened by the bold, vivid lights of parols marks the beginning of the Philippines’ holiday season. As the advent of December approaches, the spirit of restfulness begins to intermingle with the air that we breathe. For many, this restful air can be found in the warmth of homes, in different destinations as travelers, or in the comfort of people.

A commonality between all of these things are the memories that people attach to them. Fostering these memories through hospitality and relaxation is the aim of Shangri-La in its latest series of holiday experiences. 

Photo courtesy of Shangri La

Titled an “Enchanting Christmas”, Shangri-La The Fort first launched the series with a showcase of Christmas-themed hampers filled with a wide variety of gourmet items. Featuring a selection of pastries, chocolate bars, and other holiday favorites, each hamper is meant to be a set of curated gifts. At the midpoint of each day, guests may also be treated to Nutcracker’s Afternoon Delight—a themed afternoon tea that includes rich coffee, a selection of teas, and a festive cocktail.

Some precious moments are also made in the most nominal of daily actions. The comfort of food and company, the exchange of laughter, stories, and emotions can be likened to breathing; as small acts that continue to give life. A space to facilitate and elevate these moments are also a main attraction for Shangri-La as they introduce a number of culinary experiences for its guests. 

Among them, High Street Café opens its doors as a modern food hall with a wide variety of dishes for the festive season. Walking further along Canton Road, guests can also find themselves enjoying a crossroads between traditional and modern Huaiyang cuisine available from the first to December up until the New Year’s. 

Moving toward a more Western palate, Raging Bull Chophouse and Bar features delectables that come straight from the simmering embers of Josper Grills. Chef Carlo Huerta also has a hand in crafting a series of Peruvian flavors, with the special menu being served on select days throughout the holiday festivities. 

Photo courtesy of Shangri La

For those that prefer more intimate, quiet moments, the hotel offers exclusive elevated dining options at The Keep, a private den within Shangri-La The Fort, and suite meals for stay-in guests.

As the year draws to a close, Shangri-La continues to routinely open its doors as a getaway destination for Christmas festivities. Featuring a variety of amenities and holiday-exclusive experiences, the space elevates the spirit of rest, comfort and togetherness as a premier destination for the season.

For more information about Shangri-La The Fort’s festive offerings, and menu prices, and activity schedule, please visit their website. 

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