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Neo-Heritage: Lacoste’s New Creative Director Honors its Sport-influenced Legacy with a New Collection

Photo courtesy of Lacoste

Under the tutelage of Pelagia Kolotouros, Lacoste continues to flourish as a brand that honors its legacy in the fields of fashion, sports, and French history

A season marked by rebirth, the spring and summer months not only connote a change in environment, but also a change in the fashion landscape as a whole. During this period, the layers from the cold of winter are shed to reveal lighter fabrics that highlight freedom of movement. For their Spring/Summer 2024, Lacoste debuts a new collection that heralds a change of seasons for the sport-inspired fashion label, which is also symbolized by a passing of the torch between its creative directors. 

Under the new guidance of Pelagia Kolotouros, the creative director takes Lacoste toward a contemporary reimagining of its athletic history. After her successful stint bringing back the brand toward its first ever Paris Fashion Week show after five years, Kolotouros unveils the French Fashion Sport Collection as a continuation of Lacoste’s rebirth.

Photo courtesy of Lacoste
Photo courtesy of Lacoste

Similar to the collection presented on the courts of the Roland Garros, the new Spring/Summer 2024 collection attempts to pay homage to the brand’s founder, René Lacoste, who is well regarded as one of the most prolific figures in tennis history. Each article of clothing in the collection references different aspects of the brand’s ninety year history, with elements of functional athleticism weaved into more elegant silhouettes. 

For example, suits, structured blazers, and long coats are highlighted as prominent figures in the collection which are each contrasted against sporty and breathable textiles. The brand’s signature polo shirts are also revisited in a more playful fashion as it features more exaggerated cuts in its construction. Among the more prominent materials used throughout the new release, Lacoste also integrates the use of knitwear throughout a variety of different garments, including cardigans, V-necks and zip-up sweaters.

The new wardrobe is also rounded out with a series of accessories that call back to the many important figures in the life of Lacoste’s founder. This includes a mini golf bag which takes inspiration from the archives of Catherine Lacoste, who is known for her golfing prowess and as well as being the daughter of René Lacoste himself. These new additions also include new colorways of the L003 footwear family, elasticated belts, and an all-over print scarf designed by one of René Lacoste’s closest friends, Robert George. 

Photo courtesy of Lacoste
Photo courtesy of Lacoste

Apart from these elements, the French Fashion Sport Collection is also defined by its essentials.  Sweaters, polo shirts, tracksuits and varsity jackets, are all articles of clothing that have become a staple in Lacoste’s codes for nearly a century, with each of them being redesigned to fit the brand’s “neo-heritage” narrative.

For every garment throughout the new release, Lacoste’s Spring/Summer 2024 marks a turning point for the brand’s direction: a style that marries fashion with sport, grace and strength, and French style codes that bind each of these elements together.

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Lacoste is exclusively distributed by Stores Specialists, Inc., and is located at different stores nationwide. The SSI Group is the Philippines’ largest specialty retailer, with a brand portfolio covering a wide range of specialty and lifestyle concepts, spanning the luxury, fashion, beauty, footwear, and restaurant categories.

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