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Feathery Eyebrows Are Here to Stay, According to Brow Artist Keighty Wong

Senior brow artist Keighty Wong. Photo courtesy of Strokes

The senior brow artist of Strokes Eye Beauty Studio shares a technique to revamp your brow game

It was in the 90s and early noughties when eyebrows adopted a sharp aesthetic, featuring razor-thin and high-arched styles. A decade later, coupled with the era of social media shaping beauty and fashion, the phenomenon of “Instagram brows” emerged. The trend was a variation of ombre at the front to intricate detailing at the tail. These brows were often filled and arched, utilizing dedicated products for an immaculately sculpted appearance.

More recently, however, a paradigm shift appears to be underway, as the beauty world swings towards a more natural look. The feathery, realistic eyebrows gaining popularity now hark back to the times of Twiggy and Audrey Hepburn in the 1960s, as well as the “Caterpillar” shapes made famous by Madonna, Whitney Houston, and Brooke Shields in the 1980s.

Feathery eyebrows Strokes Eye Beauty Studio
Photo courtesy of Strokes Eye Beauty Studio

With the contemporary trend of soft, feathery brows, imbuing an appearance of authenticity and gentleness gaining popularity, Keighty Wong, a seasoned brow artist of the Strokes Eye Beauty Studio, has openly championed natural-looking styles through one of their popular services called Brow Sculpting.

“I think that natural-looking, bushy, or feathery eyebrows are here to stay,” says Wong, who also shares credit as co-founder of the eyebrow beauty studio, together with friend and business partner, as well as eyebrow specialist, Momoi Supe. She adds, “I feel like everyone wants to achieve a ‘woke up like this’ look that they can pull off whenever they want.” 

Since its inception, the “Brow Fairy” (a moniker she enthusiastically embraces) has worked on the brows of celebrities and influencers like Nadine Lustre, Kylie Verzosa, Sofia Andres, and Verniece Enciso. For Wong, her belief in individuality within beauty is also an embodiment of Strokes Eye Beauty Studios’ ethos, highlighting personalized aesthetics over normative trends. “I believe in the saying that ‘less is more,’ but I also allow my customers to stick to their own personal preference.”

Through Brow Sculpting, Wong and her highly-trained shaping assistants craft eyebrows that are based on the symmetry, balance, and alignment of your face and preference with the use of microblading techniques. The payoff? A consistently groomed look with less dependence on makeup products.

Small Laude is the newest brand ambassador of Strokes Eye Beauty Studio
Small Laude. Photo by Strokes Eye Beauty Studio

Keighty’s mastery extends beyond age or gender, underlining a profound belief that beauty is universal and belongs to everyone. To give weight to this mantra, the eyebrow studio sought collaboration with social media personality Small Laude. 

“Aside from Small Laude’s innate beauty, we admire her fun, energetic, and confident nature that really resonates with Strokes Eye Beauty Studio. It is a great opportunity to tap a bigger market with fun, value, and life-changing impact from content about beauty and lifestyle,” shares the co-founder.

In their latest campaign with Laude called “Defining the Moment,” the social media influencer can be seen sporting feathery, natural-looking eyebrows done by Wong herself, lending a revitalized and fresh look that also represents Small’s unique essence. According to the brand, the beauty campaign is a way to promote the notion of confidence and individuality throughout different generations.

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