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Embodying Stealth and Grace: Vanessa Kirby is Cartier’s Next Panther Woman

Vanessa Kirby wearing a ‘Panthère de Cartier’ necklace and gold watch. Photo courtesy of Cartier

The actress stands as the French maison’s ambassador for their Panthère jewelry and watch collection

Strutting the halls of Cartier’s workshop in the heart of France, a woman draped in panther fur oversaw the watchmaker’s collection of high and fine jewelry.  Known as “La Panthère” for her sharp wit and determination, Jeanne Toussaint served as Louis Cartier’s muse, and the visual motif behind the maison’s Panthère emblem. Since its debut, Cartier’s Panthère has remained an object of both desire and fascination due its linked heritage to one of the house’s notable visionaries.   

Being at the helm of their jewelry division for nearly four decades, Toussaint established herself as Cartier’s original Panther Woman. Recognized by her free spirited nature, she served as a role model for women as the maison’s sole creative mind behind their jewelry collections. Long after her retirement from the brand in the ‘70s, Cartier continues to pay homage to its source of artistic inspiration through the Panthère line of jewelry.

Succeeding Toussaint’s title, actress Vanessa Kirby lends herself as Panthère’s newest muse. In a brief interview with Cartier, Kirby shares her thoughts representing the feline-inspired collection.

Vanessa Kirby wearing a La Panthère de Cartier watch and ring Photo courtesy of Cartier

According to the actress, the spirit of the Panthère meant personifying strength and vulnerability, much like the watchmaker’s first Panther Woman. As the new face of the Panthère line, Kirby takes inspiration from Toussaint and her legacy as an artistic visionary. 

“I think as women, we are continuously asked to rise up and be ourselves,” says Kirby. Moving forward as Cartier’s ambassador, she hopes to be able to embody the spirit of “La Panthère” in strength and in grace.

To learn more, visit Cartier’s official website.

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