With A New Moon In Scorpio, Now Is The Time To Tackle Things You’ve Been Putting Off

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“The new moon in Scorpio on 13 November is the first new moon after the eclipse in October. The energy is still intense after this astrological event,” explains Jetteke van Lexmond from the Moonsisters, whose lunar calendar gets the Vogue seal of approval. She notes that the sun has also been very active in recent weeks: “There have been solar flares and winds, and geomagnetic storms that have shaken everything up. They’ve measured solar wind speeds of 750 kilometres per second, with an average speed of 300 kilometres per second. Light particles are firing at us and rushing through our systems – some people will feel this more than others.”

You might experience an array of different feelings, and even a resurgence of old sadness or frustrations. The Moonsisters explain: “Blockages, unprocessed emotions and old pain can be triggered. Common symptoms include headaches, as well as neck, ear and throat pain, and digestive problems and nausea. Listen to your body and move as much as possible in harmony with this energy. Always consult your doctor if you have serious or long-lasting complaints.”

The new moon in Scorpio meets Saturn in November

Saturn has been direct again (after 139 days of its retrograde phase) since 4 November, and is now in Pisces. Van Lexmond explains: “Saturn’s energy is serious, responsible and strict, which relates to karmic life lessons, hard work, power, laws and rules.” Meanwhile, Pisces’s energy offers a sense of softness and relaxation: “It is more loving, with feeling and inspiration,” she says, adding that “the time is now to do some soul-searching and examine the areas of your life in which you are too harsh and critical towards yourself, your partner, children, friends or colleagues. What feelings (or fears) are behind this? Why do you react or behave in a certain way? Saturn can hold a bright mirror up to the things you want to look away from.” According to the Moonsisters, this is a moment for having clear insights about yourself and your (potentially destructive) behavioural patterns. “This energy can give you the impetus to make changes and get off the hamster wheel – working hard and earning lots of money. Things can, and may, be done differently.”

It’s time to tackle things that you’ve been putting off

This “energy of renewal and authenticity” will get stronger thanks to the new moon in Scorpio. “Scorpio is a sensitive and profound sign, who can see through everything. If there are things you’ve put on the back burner in recent months, you should now take action – they can no longer be postponed,” says Van Lexmond. “You may also feel like plasters are being ripped off of old, unhealed wounds that were previously hidden with a bandage. This can feel frightening.”

Scorpio is a master of digging up and uncovering secrets, so you may feel like you’re losing control. This can “lead to anger and other emotions”, Van Lexmind explains. “Make sure you don’t lash out. Trust that what is meant to be will be.” Another important thing to be aware of during this time is finding your truth, ie what feels right for you and what doesn’t. Van Lexmond continues: “There is no such thing as a universal truth, just your own. You can only find this by listening to your intuition.” Scorpio’s message? “Don’t take anything for granted. Scan and feel all of the information you receive – not out of mistrust or fear, but with an open heart, trust and curiosity.”

This article was originally published on British Vogue.

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