Filipino-Italian Anna Vitiello Is The Luxury Content Creator You Need To Follow Now

Filipino-Italian Anna Vitiello Is The Luxury Content Creator You Need To Follow Now

Image courtesy of Anna Vitiello

Her Instagram is filled with exotic locales, oversized sunglasses, and major shoulder pads.

When you meet Anna Vitiello, you will notice she is never without a pair of statement sunglasses, and not too far away from shoulder pads. This is the signature style that keeps her 67,000 Instagram followers patiently awaiting her posts, which often feature tie-ups with major brands like Prada, Saint Laurent, and Pandora. 

The former magazine editor took her fashion know-how as she shifted to content creation and brand consultancy. Vitiello, who is often found on the fashion week circuits, is evocative of the 1980s spirit of power dressing, Versace, and Sophia Loren. For the half-Italian and half-Filipino, fashion is transformative. She says she dresses to feel like the best and strongest version of herself.

While her aesthetic centers heavily on the Italian glamour of the ’80s and ’90s, the main inspiration for her distinctive look is her grandmother Rosita, whom she lovingly calls Nanay. The result is a blend of her heritages. 

Photo of Anna’s grandmother, Rosita, on the tarmac. Image courtesy of Anna Vitiello

Despite living most of her life in the United Kingdom, she grew up extremely close to her grandparents, who took care of them while their parents were at work, so much so that Vitiello thinks her “Filipino-ness” runs through everything in her life, from her mother’s conversations in Tagalog to the stashes of Choc Nut she shares with her family. “It hasn’t gone anywhere, to be honest,” she shares. 

More than her affinity for Philippine sweets, Vitiello describes being heavily influenced by her lola‘s fashion, particularly how Rosita would never leave the house without her signature shades. She wore them out so often that it became a family phrase, with family members reminding each other, “Never leave home in the morning without your sunglasses!”

With age, Vitiello’s fascination for her late grandmother’s Hollywood-like vintage glamour grew stronger. Apart from a trusty pair of shades in hand, she also always has shoulder pads—another style staple inspired by her lola. “It’s kind of become my uniform,” she says. “It just gives you armor in a way.”

Image courtesy of Anna Vitiello

It was this armor that gave her the courage to take a leap of faith to leave her magazine editing job. “Making the transition as well from editor to content creator, I don’t love being in front of the camera personally, it’s not my favorite thing, but I always find that I get this pretty transformative amount of confidence [from sunglasses],” Vitiello explains, adding that it “propels you into a different space.” 

The decision to leave came as a shock to those around her, who called her brave. However, she said it felt like a natural evolution—much like the life cycles of fashion. “I want to be honest and say I had a specific goal. I didn’t, other than I wanted to try living in the digital world,” she confesses. “I wanted to do something more relevant. I left to launch an accessories platform with a co-editor. We wanted to bring editorial content to a new audience.” 

Image courtesy of Anna Vitiello

Since her career move, Vitiello has also launched a mentorship program, which she says is one of the best things she’s ever done, and has gone on to do consultant work for brands. She concludes, “I feel infinitely more fulfilled.” 

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Stay tuned for Anna Vitiello’s Milan and Paris Fashion Week coverage for Vogue Philippines.

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