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Karl King Aguña Captures The Vogue Man Party On 3 Rolls of Film

Supermodel Paolo Roldan. Photo by Karl King Aguña

By the time photographer Karl King Aguña headed home after the Vogue Man Launch Party last Thursday evening, he had used up three rolls of film. Before he was asked to create a photo diary for Vogue Philippines, he was already planning to take film photos for his own safekeeping: a capsule of a celebration spent with his friends, collaborators, and fellow creatives. 

But the Vogue Man Launch wasn’t all Karl was celebrating; the first story he ever shot for Vogue Philippines, titled “Slow Life,” appears in the June issue fronted by filmmaker Isabel Sandoval. It was also the very first editorial he shot when he arrived in Manila from London last January, marking his foray into becoming a full-time photographer. 

The photos he took at the party are sleek if not blurry—the mark of an evening well-spent—and, moreover, authentic; behind Karl’s lens, we are in on an inside joke, joining laughter-filled conversations, sneaking a peek into Vogue Philippines interviews, and diving straight into the heart of the party. In developing his film, he was worried that most of the shots on his rolls featured many of the Vogue Philippines team and his own collaborators. “Pero ganun talaga [But that’s how it is],” he shrugs. “It’s the party from my perspective!”

As told to Chelsea Sarabia. Additional reporting by Ticia Almazan.

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