Artu Nepomuceno Brings Creative Circles Together at the Vogue Philippines Anniversary Gala

Photo by Artu Nepumuceno

When you’re a creative, one of the most rewarding experiences is finding your community that transcends call times and egress. One such photographer who constantly shares gratitude for his circles is Artu Nepomuceno.

Nepomuceno is the photographer behind three of 2023’s Vogue Philippines covers: the April cover that went viral, featuring tattoo artist and the oldest person to grace a Vogue cover Apo Whang-Od; the July cover that told the story of escapism and one of the country’s most beautiful identity markers; and the August cover, “Ladies Who Launch,” putting National Scientist Dr. Dolores Ramirez in the spotlight.

As a constant collaborator of the magazine, and a photographer working tirelessly in editorial, commercial, and advocacy, Nepomuceno’s invitation to the Vogue Philippines Anniversary Gala was a natural gesture. Nepomuceno attended with his wife, the stylist and creative director Meg Manzano, and the two found intersection upon intersection in their many creative circles. Here, the Nepumocenos share their night out with their community.

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