Yvette King’s Opulent Halloween Look is an Ode to Venus

Photo by Cei Intud

Yvette King dons wet mermaid hair and radiant, dewy skin at this year’s Opulence Ball. “To me, Venus is the ultimate muse,” shares King, “She encapsulates everything feminine—the original bombshell, in my opinion.”

In the realm of mythology, the Roman goddess of love and beauty comes to life by rising from the foam of the sea, often depicted emerging from a shell like a resplendent pearl. Venus has long been the embodiment of this sort of captivating femininity, in Yvette King’s own words, she is “the original bombshell.”

The mythological theme for this year’s Opulence Ball opens the door to a myriad of possibilities. But having always been enamored by this story and all that Venus stands for, the entertainment journalist and TV producer chose to channel her inner goddess this Halloween, emerging from tonight’s crowd of celestial beings in a wash of gold and seemingly fresh out of the water herself. 

Yvette King’s Venus-inspired look for the 2023 Opulence Ball

In planning this look, King took inspiration from a number of sources. Her mood board was a treasure trove of influences, featuring Ursula Andress as Bond girl Honey Ryder in the first James Bond film, Dr. No (1962), the Versace Trésor de la Mer runway, the Mediterranean Sea, and Sophia Loren in ‘The Fall of the Roman Empire’—each a clear building block to the sultry-yet-soft, grand-yet-natural elements to her beauty look. 

To capture her inner Venus, Yvette enlisted the help of makeup artist Christian Ray Boter Arapoc and hairstylist Aries. Arapoc, using some of King’s personal favorite products, aimed to simply enhance her sensuality. “Yvette is already very beautiful without makeup on,” he shares. “We want to take advantage of this by embodying her natural beauty and at the same time capturing Venus’s essence.”

The focus fittingly fell on the eyes, with Arapoc using black liner and earth-toned colors to craft a smoky, feline gaze.

Yvette King’s wet mermaid hair and dewy makeup look for the 2023 Opulence Ball.
Yvette King at Opulence Ball 2023. Photo courtesy of Opulence Bal

Radiant, fresh, and dewy skin is a must for a glowing sea goddess. Arapoc revealed that King’s luminous, long-lasting glow tonight was a result of meticulous skin preparation, involving a layering of essences and moisturizing skincare products, as well as a facial massage to get circulation going prior to makeup application. 

The look was then topped off with the Les Symboles de Chanel illuminating face powder for a glowing lift, while plumped and hydrated lips, accentuated with a small cupid’s bow accent using Rouge Coco Baume in Natural Charm (914), aided the fresh-out-of-water effect.

Of course, the wet look isn’t complete without sleek mermaid waves, akin to a goddess emerging from the depths of the oceans herself. Yvette King donned a Champagne Paillette Cut Out Gown by Asian designer Kim Shui. Her choice was not merely a matter of aesthetics but also a deliberate celebration of her Korean-Australian heritage. “I always want to champion and support Asian designers, seeing as I’m half Asian myself and love seeing the community thrive,” she conveyed.

Venus-inspired glamorous evening look.

Adorned with sequins that shimmered like fish scales, the gown was sheer and nearly nude, resembling the classic beauty of Venus in Sandro Botticelli’s iconic painting, ‘The Birth of Venus.’ To elevate her look to celestial heights, Yvette King adorned herself with golden elements. Completing her ethereal ensemble were Julietta starfish earrings, meticulously handcrafted from eco-resin, gold detailing, and vintage repurposed pearls, as well as a custom-made-to-order gold crown from Australian designer Viktoria Novak. 

King shares that her approach to fashion resonates with a “womanly sensibility.” She cherishes styles that strike a balance between accentuating her curves and showcasing the delicateness of her silhouette, a blend that makes her feel most confident. As a mother of twin daughters, King believes that embracing femininity is akin to wielding a secret weapon. 

“Why not embrace that?” she chimes. “To me, Venus is the ultimate muse. There’s many fish in the sea, but only one Venus.”

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