The TAYO Fashion Showcase: A Celebration of Filipino-Japanese Friendship Through Design

The TAYO Fashion Showcase: A Celebration of Filipino-Japanese Friendship Through Design

Courtesy of Feanne

The friendship initiative highlights Philippine and Japanese artistry in fashion.

The word tayo is a bridge between cultures: in Filipino, it means “we” and “us” or to stand or rise, while in Japanese, it means “diverse” or “multicultural.” The organizers of the TAYO Fashion Showcase stylize the word in brackets to give it more meaning, as they tell Vogue Philippines that names hold power. Feanne, one of the exhibitors and the artist behind its brand identity, says, “I designed a simple logo showing the word in brackets because brackets are used to group things together. The visualized branding of [TAYO] means ‘We are together.’” 

This is the concept at the heart of the TAYO Fashion Showcase, an initiative by the Philippine Consulate General – Osaka to strengthen the Filipino-Japanese connection and to celebrate the fashion innovation of both cultures. 

On June 14th at the Conrad Hotel in Osaka, Filipino and Japanese designers and artists are gathering to exhibit their work. Seven designers and artists will be featured: Feanne, J Makitalo, Ken Samudio, Pamela Madlangbayan, Haruka Hirai, Kate Torralba, and the team behind the fashion brand kkjk.

Across all of them, their work is meticulous and innovative in nature, rooted in the intricate or the conceptual. Attendees can expect to find ornate detail in Feanne’s illustrated prints and Ken Samudio’s hand-beaded and marine-life-inspired pieces. Or, they might discover narrative experiences that take a turn for the surreal in the pieces of Kate Torralba and Haruka Hirai. 

A bag by Feanne in collaboration with GustoKo

Exhibitor Feanne tells Vogue Philippines that attendees can look forward to pieces she hasn’t unveiled yet. 

“I’m particularly excited to showcase my sheer silk robe with cotton hemp trim since these are new fabric types I’m working with. I’ve been testing this prototype since last year but haven’t really promoted this design yet,” she shares. “I’m also hoping this event’s exposure will lead me to more collaborations with other brands that can use my print designs—whether for fashion, wallpaper, or other types of products.” 

Friendship and Fashion

While this is the first TAYO Fashion Showcase, the event actually builds upon previous initiatives in presenting Philippine design in Japan, which featured the work of Feanne and Samudio. 

“Ken and I received a warm welcome from an international audience at last year’s event. In spite of the language barrier, we felt that Japanese guests were very receptive to our work,” Feanne recounts. “This year, we’ve decided to strengthen the Filipino-Japanese connection by including two Japanese designers in our lineup.” 

Last year, the event was called Philippine Fashion Showcase, but with this year’s event concept of friendship, exhibitor Pamela Madlangbayan, who is fluent in both Filipino and Japanese, came up with the word “tayo.” Feanne tells Vogue Philippines that it is the perfect word. “It’s a better fit for our Filipino-Japanese friendship event concept this year.”

Catch the TAYO Fashion Showcase at the Conrad Hotel in Osaka on June 14, 2023. For additional inquiries, refer to their announcement at

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