Liza Soberano Enters A New Era In Her Personal And Professional Life

In With The New: Liza Soberano Explores Uncharted Waters

Photo by Zantz Han

Liza Soberano is bravely conquering new ground, and despite the challenges, is intent on enjoying the ride.

There’s something about Liza Soberano. The young thespian seems wise beyond her years. As someone who’s played everything from a strawberry farmer, a down-to-earth heiress, a blogger, to a warrior, the 26-year-old is imbued with a certain self-awareness she generously attributes to her craft.

“The thing that I love most about acting is being able to portray different people, different characters. It’s like allowing myself to completely kind of let go of everything that makes me, me,” the award-winning actress tells Vogue Philippines. “I think as an artist, it just makes me feel so empowered, to hone such a skill or talent.”

Liza spotlights Gucci’s Signoria slingback pump which was named after the central piazza in Florence. A part of the proceed from its sales are donated to Nosotras Onlus, an association that supports the development of Casa delle Donne, a collective focused on empowering women. Photo by Zantz Han

It is likewise something that she believes helps her see things in a nuanced light. “It helps me understand the world a bit more,” she says. “It helps me just better understand how people operate, again empathize with things that go on in other people’s lives.”

Her latest foray into this world of make-believe is likewise her first in Hollywood, playing Taffy, the sister to Kathryn Newton’s character in Lisa Frankenstein. The horror comedy, which premiered this month, was something that was both nerve-wracking and yet exciting for Soberano. “It was such a big jump from only doing film and TV projects here in the Philippines, then all of a sudden, going outside of my comfort zone, and working with a completely new production company and work culture,” she shares. “But at the same time, it was very inspiring and challenging.”

And yet with this foray into uncharted waters, the actress feels like she has, in a way, come full circle. “It was such a special moment I think for me just getting to see all the actors that I once could only see on the big screen, and then being alongside them,” she says.

GUCCI jacket. Photo by Zantz Han
GUCCI jacket, tights, and pumps. Photo by Zantz Han

She shares that her number one motivation for exploring a career abroad was her hunger for growth. “I’ve always been the type of person that is constantly wanting to learn more, wanting to evolve, wanting to become better at anything that I do in life,” the actress declares. “I wanted to push myself, and kind of scare myself a little bit, because I think that’s what makes me feel the most alive.”

Liza is also set to start filming another Hollywood-based project, on top of other television and movie projects that she will also be producing. She’s also keen on getting into directing, where her background is proving quite valuable. “I always immediately take it from an actor’s point of view,” she shares. “As someone who is trying to get into doing all those three things, I think it’s a really good combination because you have an understanding of how all these different aspects work in making a successful film.”

Her drive for success is also tied to her desire to see other women succeed. “Women have always been important in society in general. I feel like we not only provide stability, we nurture people,” says Soberano, who is an ambassador for Save the Children Philippines. The 26 year old believes the best way we can empower ourselves is to put ourselves in another’s shoes. “I think that’s the way we can truly support one another, is by just truly listening to our pains, our struggles, and even our successes. Like just learn from one another, and always prioritize that.”

GUCCI jacket, tights, pumps, and bag. Photo by Zantz Han

Having shot to stardom at such a young age out of relative obscurity, and working non-stop since then, she relishes the chance to now slowly soak all of the experiences in. Now that she’s working in a different country, she feels like “a rookie all over again. But this time I’m a little bit more aware of that. And I’m a little bit more knowledgeable.”

She shares that what excites her most about 2024 is that she has no idea what’s going to happen. “I love being surprised, I love spontaneity, I just love the unknown. Which is odd, because it can be a bit uncomfortable,” she shares.

“My mantra for 2024 is to just have fun, and be more intentional, but have fun while doing so,” eager to see where life and her career takes her. “I’m truly excited to experience the year for whatever it has to offer me, the good and the bad. I’m gonna soak all of it in, and enjoy it.”

Vogue Philippines: February 2024 Issue


By MARIANE PEREZ. Photographs by ZANTZ HAN. Fashion Director: PAM QUIÑONES. Stylists: Bryan Ho, Jasmine Ashvinkumar. Makeup: Lai Weeming for Chau Bui, Mickey See for Liza Soberano. Hair: Ken Hong for Chau Bui, Renz Pangilinan for Liza Soberano. Talents: Chau Bui, Liza Soberano. Producers: Anz Hizon, David Bay. Nails: Belicia Gwee of Risual Nails, Zi of Auum. Photographer’s Assistants: Alexander Titus Ng, Sin Yean Yam. Stylist’s Assistant: Sri Anggreni.

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