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Spring Trend “Corp-core” Means Business: How To Style Your Workwear Beyond Your 9 to 5

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This season, expect a revival of the 2010s; not as in anything too specific, but mostly in spirit. Corp-core is in, and it’s reminiscent of the days when you could take your pencil skirt and pointed stilettos to the office and beyond—the days when the line between the dress codes for your corporate day job and the club seemed to blur. To wear the trend, think bookish cardigans, a pair of capris, and Miu Miu-esque Mary Janes. To keep your outfit out of stuffy librarian territory and more in the realm of a bespectacled Gisele Bündchen from 2006, shop Vogue Philippines’ edit to refresh your wardrobe staples for the new year

Below, take inspiration from the Spring/Summer 2024 runways or shop Vogue Philippines’ edit to refresh your daily rotation of pieces. 

A streamlined silhouette

Refreshing your wardrobe for the new year involves less shopping microtrends and more working with the pieces that already live in your closet through creative layering and proportion. Allow 90’s influence to seep back into your wardrobe and layer up your bookish cardigans, clean-cut button-downs, and a pair of capris, guided by the spring ’98 Prada runways or the similar stylings of Shanghai-based designer Markgong’s spring/summer 2024 show. 

Shots of color

While the trend largely relies on an understated color palette of navy, black, white, greige, and khaki, it isn’t completely devoid of color. There is room for pops of color: accessorize with crimson, cobalt, and the occasional baby blue, as done on the recent runways of Prada, Margiela, and Ferragamo.

Textural twists 

To effectively graduate a look from the office to the real world, add contrast to the trend’s columnar silhouettes through creative layering: statement bags to be worn across the chest, stacked-up belts slung low on the hips, classic workwear pieces refreshed through subtle, subversive detail.

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