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Bridgerton Star Claudia Jessie Is Redefining Red-Carpet Sustainability

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Dressing to the nines and walking the red carpet is one of the more enviable celebrity tasks, but given our planet’s ongoing climate emergency, it’s no longer as cool as it once was to flex that you own (or have access to) a lot of clothes. Stars like Cate Blanchett have embraced sustainable looks at recent award shows, and we have Zendaya to thank for making archival and vintage pieces the hot press-tour items du jour. Now, British actor Claudia Jessie — who plays Eloise on Bridgerton — has taken eco-conscious event dressing a step further by rewearing the same suit while doing press for Bridgerton’s third season.

“I care a lot about being as sustainable as you can, so you will see me in this suit a fair amount,” Jessie said at Bridgerton’s world premiere in New York on May 13. “I hope you like it, because you’re going to see it again.” (A likely move for the rebellious Eloise Bridgerton to make, in its way.)

True to Jessie’s word, her blue-and-white striped Stella McCartney suit (made from recycled viscose!) showed up again when the actor appeared on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert on May 16 — but like any fashionista worth her salt, Jessie is styling it differently each time. The green pumps she wore to the Bridgerton premiere (which she noted that her boyfriend had chosen for her) were swapped out for black shoes, a gold chain, and a white T-shirt that added an extra dose of “chill” to her Colbert look.

Jessie on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert on May 16. Photo: CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images

Given that the global fashion industry is responsible for creating 92 million tons’ worth of clothing that end up in landfills every year, it’s particularly refreshing to see an actor (and a star of one of the hottest Netflix shows of the year, no less) committed enough to her environmental principles to forgo a brand-spanking-new look in favor of a creatively recycled ensemble. Hopefully, the rest of the Hollywood A-list will take a cue from Jessie and embrace the practice themselves; it’s past time that we shook off the stigma of outfit-repeating and sought out ways to get dressed that don’t further harm the planet.

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