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Bretman Rock Was Honored By The Hawaii House of Representatives, Wearing Filipino Designer Jude Macasinag

Photo courtesy of Brian Meller

Bretman Rock was recently honored by Hawaii lawmakers. He wore an embellished evening jacket by Jude Macasinag—a piece that his stylist Brian Meller had been saving for a moment as special as that.

As he does in any room, Bretman Rock brought the sun with him as he was honored by the Hawaii House of Representatives for drawing positive attention to Hawaii and Filipino-Americans. For the occasion, he wore a hand-embroidered evening jacket by Jude Macasinag. It was emblazoned with the designer’s signature sunburst motif, with light rays flaring out from the collar and down the structured jacket. 

It was a piece that Bretman’s stylist, Brian Meller, instantly gravitated toward. “When I first laid eyes on Jude’s design a few months back, I instantly knew Bretman would love it but we didn’t have the right moment for it yet,” he tells Vogue Philippines. “So when I heard that Bretman was honored by the Hawaiian House of Representatives, the first thing I thought of was Jude’s embellished black jacket with a golden sun design.” 

Photo courtesy of Brian Meller

The piece felt right in a lot of ways, emblematic of both the Philippines and Hawaii but also of Bretman, who frequently talks about his close spiritual connection to the sun. “If y’all read my book,” he writes in his latest Instagram post, “you’d know how much she means to me.” 

Brian continues, “Bretman and I knew it was only fitting to wear a Filipino designer for such a prestigious accolade,” making the experience all the more meaningful.”

To celebrate his reach that extends from Hawaii to the Philippines and beyond, Bretman and his team “had the privilege to meet with the Filipino Caucus at the House of Representatives, a group representing the vibrant Filipino community in Hawaii,” shares Brian. “It was truly a moment that underscored the significance of Bretman representing his motherland on such a special day.”

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