An Exclusive Look Inside Cartier’s New Greenbelt 3 Boutique

Just as Cartier’s creations symbolize the intersection of craftsmanship and timelessness, so does the new Cartier boutique in Greenbelt 3 with its confluence of local design elements and luxurious elegance. Many Filipinos will experience a sense of homecoming when entering the store, starting with the window design, which reveals and conceals by way of re-patterned panels of anahaw leaves; stepping in, an impression of expanse: spread out over 321 square meters, the flow of the store is wide and welcoming, set by transitions of spaces, and rooms dedicated to specific offerings.

Courtesy of Cartier

This design-led store was formed by Agence Moinard Betaille, an interior-architecture firm based in France that has been a collaborator of the Maison for over two decades. Known for their creative luxury aesthetic using sophisticated and contemporary lines, they’ve fused Filipino elements seamlessly in the showcase. Some discoveries to be made as you explore the store start with the vivid red wall that greets you as you walk in. Cartier’s illustrative emblem, the panther, is overlaid in a sort of shadow play depicting a pride at sunset, surrounded by blooms crafted to represent the national flower of the Philippines, the Sampaguita.  

Courtesy of Cartier

Next, don’t forget to look down and to the sides because Filipino craft continues to construct by way of floor patterns inspired by basketry and walls made to look like banig, a traditional woven mat. Maritime elements like seashells are also utilized to further acknowledge the nation’s distinctiveness as a country with islands connected by the sea. All these incredible details and yet one still feels a sense of quietude, serenity, and a sense that this is a space that understands one’s needs.

Courtesy of Cartier

Of course, one comes into a Cartier store seeking answers to one’s heart’s yearnings. The configuration allows that emotional moment to be given space, in private. Take the VIP room for example, muted in soft blush and peaceful greens, velvety smooth curved armchairs ready to cocoon; on the wall, a tranquil scenery depicting the rich agriculture of the Philippines by De Gournay, a corner to luxuriate in undisturbed. An elegant oasis where every surface invites you to for a closer look, exactly what the pieces of Cartier call out for.

Lastly, there is the bridal space. Upon closer inspection the white bas relief reveals jagged cliffs and coconut trees framing a crescent beach, banana tree fronds dancing in the wind, the tide rushing while also slowly ebbing out, and two birds mid-flight with gold inserts from Del Boca. In the middle of a mating call, a romantic dance perhaps? It is quite intriguing. Beauty after all takes many forms—timeless jewelry, classic watches, a well-appointed interior of cross-cultural design to enjoy all of these in, and an experiential browsing and buying experience in which traditions of craft are in dialogue with architecture and heritage.

Courtesy of Cartier
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