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From a Place of Love, Cartier Celebrates a Staple from its Rich History of Jewelry

Photo courtesy of Cartier

The Maison spotlights one of its most recognizable designs, the Love Bracelet

Circles often hold a sacred level of symbolism. Synonymous with unison, the circle transcends beyond simple shapes. As a universally recognized symbol, the circle has been translated into jewelry, with it making its way to the wrists and hands of couples as a representation of unity.

Created in New York in the year 1969 by the Cartier designer Aldo Cipullo, the design took inspiration from the concept of a precious handcuff. Reflecting the symbolism of locking in one’s love, it has become one of the Maison’s most recognizable collections due to its simple, yet distinct design. 

The Love Bracelet has uniquely elliptical features, with clean cuts and precise proportions across the length of the band. The bracelet is distinguished by its pair of rigid arcs that are fitted around each wrist, and are screwed into place for a custom fit.

Photo courtesy of Cartier

In a callback to Cartier’s Santos de Cartier initially released in 1904, the bracelet is an echo of the watch’s screws across its bezel. These design elements are what led to the exposed screws that give the bracelet its flair. Each band is held together with these screws that need a second person to tighten them, the feature that inspired the Love Bracelet name. 

After its initial conception, the Love Bracelet has continued to evolve and be released in a range of finishes. The early nineties marked the release of its first new coloration, with the bracelet being unveiled in white gold, and followed up with a rose gold variation nearly a decade later. In more recent years, the Love Bracelet has also been updated in a finer and lighter version that snugly embraces its wearer. Another variation features a wider, and more open ended band that slides easier down each wrist. Its latest iteration comes in a brushed finish.

Photo courtesy of Cartier

Over five decades later, the Love Bracelet continues to be among Cartier’s most beloved pieces of jewelry. Made with love, the Maison hopes to capture unity, affection, and boundlessness as a symbol in each of its bracelets.

For more information on the Cartier Love Bracelet, visit their official website.

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