Taking Notes: The Power Of Fragrance As A Catalyst For Expression

Taking Notes: The Power Of Fragrance As A Catalyst For Expression

Step into the world of fragrances, where scent becomes a personal expression and a powerful means of communication.

Of all our senses, smell may well be the most intimate. A whiff of jasmine, the lingering aroma of a lover’s fragrance, or the sweet scent of cinnamon during the holidays—these olfactory experiences can evoke nostalgic memories and powerful emotions, and even draw individuals closer together.

Photo courtesy of Creed

The beauty of scent lies in its power to house memories as well as in its ability to transform. Whether you desire to command more attention or to be more approachable to those around you, all that can’t be said in words can be expressed through the art of scents. It is a form of communication, a silent language, an unspoken introduction.

Just as individual scent preferences vary from person to person, fragrances also undergo a subtle metamorphosis when they interact with the unique chemistry of each person’s skin. Notes of tobacco, for instance, might produce a smoky aroma on one’s skin while exuding a sweeter scent on another, and what may be a fresh fragrance at first spritz may later settle on the skin as a lingering musk.

Photo courtesy of Creed
Photo courtesy of Creed

“Everyone’s relationship with scent and fragrance is different,” shares Steven Bywater, Asia-Pacific business development manager for the fragrance brand Creed. “Some choose scents based on their mood, while others may base it on their personality. But you can always choose a perfume that works in contrast to that.” Bywater lends a pro tip when choosing the right fragrance: determine your intention and explore. What is it you want this perfume to say to other people? And most importantly, what do you want this perfume to say to you?

The house presents complex options, including aromatic notes like the newly launched Carmina to exude feminine charisma with a floral woody amber fragrance that weaves together Rose de Mai and cashmere wood or step into a masculine elegance with Tabarome Millésime, a heritage scent that is a blend of spicy ginger, tea, coffee, and rum in the heart, anchored by sandalwood and tobacco.

“We don’t wear the same outfit every day, so why should we wear the same scent every day?” By water muses. He advises
an application to the nape for an external expression and directly to the abdomen for a more personal experience.

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