Beauty Buys: Hit Refresh This Summer With New Scents And Lightweight Skincare

Beauty Buys: Hit Refresh This Summer With New Scents And Lightweight Skincare

The sweltering weather means we may need to make slight changes to our beauty routines.

The Philippines’ dry season starts March and runs until May. This period is often marked by an impulse to travel and the need to unwind—school’s out for many after all. Whether you’re looking for your next spa-at-home treatment or seeking solace in green pastures and clear waters, adventure awaits as beauty brings you new staples for the season.

From your favorite skincare mixes to scents reminiscent of new chapters, we’ve rounded up some products this month to kick-start your summer.

Drunk Elephant Liquid Gold Smoothie: C-Firma Fresh, And Protini

The perfect pair can come in threes. As “mixing is the new layering,” forms part of the cult favorite Drunk Elephant’s philosophy, their liquid gold smoothie—packed with Vitamin C, vegan retinol, and polypeptides—kicks off summer mornings with a healthy blend. Together, they promote smoother, firmer-looking, and more even-toned skin.   

Kiko Milano Unlimited Double Touch Lipstick, Smart Colour Blush, And Face Makeup Fixer

As one of the top makeup brands in Italy, Kiko Milano Global CEO Simone Dominici shares how diversity and challenging the conformist beauty paradigm sits at the core of the brand, saying: “We don’t have a pre-concept of beauty. We don’t say you need to be looking like this. We want to give the right support to express your own individual beauty.” The beauty brand offers a variety of lightweight formulas in time for the sunny season. Apply dabs of their Smart Color Blush to achieve this summer’s sunburnt shades. Accentuate your lips with swipes of the unlimited double touch lipstick. Finally, top your look with a spray of their Face Makeup Fixer.

Francis Kurkdjian Aqua Media Cologne Forte

In the third installation of his Cologne Forte collection, the French perfumer Francis Kurkdjian strikes a balance between notions of light and freshness. Here, he captures the feeling of opening a window to fresh, idyllic landscapes to the phenomenon born of water and sunlight, reflected in the deep shade of green resting comfortably at the center of the rainbow. In his latest creation, Kurkdjian emphasizes how its essence remains rooted in wellness and happiness: “Aqua Media Cologne forte smells like happiness and caring, vitality and energy, reassuring in its apparent simplicity. It puts me in a good mood, that’s all.”

House of Creed Wind Flowers

House of Creed is known for grounding its delicate florals with a real amount of sophistication. Wind Flowers has base notes of iris and sandalwood, striking a balance between bright and earthy. Brand custodian Dulce Concepcion tells Vogue Philippines that it is inspired by the grace and strength of movement—a fresh, floral breeze with an undercurrent of a woody nougat. “What sets it apart is the orange blossom and the Rose de Mai,” she says. “They harvest it in Bulgaria at dawn. If you harvest it at any other time, it will not really give off the [same] scent.” 

BURBERRY her eau de parfum

Burberry Her Eau De Parfum

Burberry’s Her eau de parfum bottles the essence of a bustling metropolis. The sharp sweetness of red and dark berries is cut through by woody notes of dry amber and musk, distilling into a fragrance redolent of the whirring energy of the city of London, in all its poise and eclecticism. It’s an energizing kickstart to a summer day out in the city.

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