Discover These Essential Beauty Tips Suitable For All Ages.

7 Essential Beauty Tips For All Ages I Learned In A Masterclass For Makeup Artists

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Tom Pecheux, global beauty director for YSL Beauté, has done the makeup of everyone from Princess Diana to Kate Moss. “For me, there are two ways of approaching makeup: One that covers, conceals, and creates a new character and another that enhances the beauty of the person–that’s my favorite,” he tells Vogue. In a recent masterclass, he let us in on his beauty secrets. Read seven of the best, below.

A double coating of mascara is the key to perfect lashes

First, apply a layer of waterproof mascara before you do your other eye makeup. Then, when you’ve finished everything else, apply a second coating of traditional mascara. “If you have thin lashes and apply too many coats, your lashes may tend to fall out throughout the day. With this trick, you create a solid base, so that doesn’t happen,” he says.

Tailor how you apply foundation

Depending on the level of coverage you want, you should be switching up the tools you use. For a translucent veil, your fingers are great, while you should use a brush for medium coverage and a sponge for a camera-ready finish.

Remember the importance of facial massage

Pecheux begins every make-up session with a facial massage in order to relax the skin and prepare it for the beauty products to follow. “Ninety-five percent of people like it,” he notes, explaining that he focuses on giving gentle strokes to the forehead, nasolabial folds and under-eye area.

Don’t underestimate the value of bathroom staples

Pecheux may be a makeup master, but he often relies on basic tools that everyone has at their disposal. Wooden toothbrushes are his go-to for combing models’ brows, while he uses cotton buds to remove traces of mascara and eye shadow. As for tissues? Gently pressing them against the face after applying foundation will help remove any excess product.

Know that concealer is a multi-purpose product

The under-eye staple is great for light contouring. Try drawing a diagonal line going up across each cheek, blending it in, and then applying bronzer on the highest part of your cheekbones using a brush to finish.

A nude eye shadow palette is essential

When it comes to curating a beauty capsule collection, Pecheux insists on an eye shadow palette with nude tones. They are, he says, an absolute staple for the world’s leading makeup artists–far more so than a trendy blue palette, for example.

Don’t forget this age-old trick

In case there was any doubt, the old-fashioned trick of using a lipstick as a blush works–yes, even if it’s red. Pecheux applies the product using his fingers by making upwards strokes.

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