The Latest Bench Fashion Week Spring/Summer Makeup Trends

Fun(damental) Forms: The Latest Makeup Trends From Bench Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2024

Natural-looking skin shines at Gabbie Sarena’s “Tanan” collection. Photo by Kim Santos

From the runways of Gabbie Sarena, Rhett Eala, Joey Samson, Carla Zhang, Human, and Bench, see the latest makeup trends to try for the upcoming spring/summer season.

From partying in a diner to wandering around a secret garden, Bench Fashion Week welcomes the spring/summer season with love, introspection, and a lot of fun. The runway presented a variety of looks, from fresh, natural skin to abstract, graphic, and bold makeup,. Whether it’s listening to music on the street or frolicking around in the summer heat, BFW spring/summer 2024 calls to new takes on makeup mainstays. Below, see the latest makeup trends fresh off the Bench Fashion Week runway.

Minimalist Romance: Lustrous skin, strong highlights

A radiant bride with lustrous skin at Gabbie Sarena’s “Tanan” collection. Photo by Kim Santos
Lustrous skin takes the form of a natural look at Gabbie Sarena’s “Tanan” collection. Photo by Kim Santos

Shining, lustrous skin is all the rage as we welcome the spring/summer season. Emanating a cottagecore feel, lustrous skin takes the form of a natural look in Gabbie Sarena’s “Tanan” collection. To compliment the delicate, intricate, and flowing pieces, the look focuses on a luminous glow with minimal makeup, presenting us with radiant brides ready to run away in the name of love.

Meanwhile, Joey Samson presents lustrous skin with an otherworldly feel in his “Secret Garden” collection. With little to no pigment, the gleaming makeup look is achieved with strong highlights on facial features, particularly around the nose and the eyes.

Eyes on Eyes: Graphic liner, bold statements

In Carla Zhang’s “There’s Nothing Wrong” collection, graphic white eyeliner is applied underneath the eyes. Photo by Kim Santos
Graffiti-inspired makeup at Human’s spring/summer 2024 collection. Photo by Kim Santos

At Le Ngok by Carla Zhang and Human’s collections, graphic eye makeup catches the attention of the audience. In Le Ngok’s “There’s Nothing Wrong” collection, the bottom of the eye is lined with white pigment, adding to the theatrical facial expressions of the models. At Human, graffiti art inspires makeup looks, featuring bold and colorful eyeshadows with graphic eyeliner designs ranging from teary eyes to sharp wings.

Dark Defiance: Full, bold, pouty lips

Dark, bold lips in Carla Zhang’s “There’s Nothing Wrong” collection. Photo by Kim Santos
Sharp winged eyeliner at Human’s spring/summer 2024 collection. Photo by Kim Santos

Set in a diner reminiscent of Grease, the Bench spring/summer collection completes the retro feel of the makeup with vintage red lips paired with pinup hairstyles. From a 1950s diner to the beach, the classic red lip look is bold and timeless. Equally as bold, Le Ngok features dark lips on the runway. Pairing it with a more subtle eye makeup look, the attention is all on the lips, effectively painting the emotions of the collection.

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