Olivia Rodrigo’s Album Teaser Includes a Throwback Beauty Hack |

Olivia Rodrigo’s Album Teaser Includes a Throwback Beauty Hack

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Olivia Rodrigo knows how to embody her chosen aesthetic through style—and so far, the theme of her sophomore album appears to be DIY beauty. The pop star took to Instagram today to share the track list of her forthcoming record, Guts, with the reveal also featuring a throwback beauty hack: the Coke can curler. 

Along with an appearance from a black manicure—polish this time intact—Rodrigo’s visual teaser saw her both sipping a Coke and using the aluminum can as a hair-styling device. Though an avid fan of ‘90s vibes, Rodrigo’s beauty reference harked back to the 1960s (a decade that saw orange juice cans inspire a similar roller technique), a feel that was reflected in her tapping away at a typewriter. 

As with many tried-and-true beauty methods, TikTok recently revived the practice as a hack (#cancurling), with content creators wrapping hair around empty cans, coiling sections within, and then blasting them with heat to achieve big and bouncy curls. A resurgence of throwback slumber party beauty? Sounds like the perfect summer-ready look. 

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