Get Your Next Makeup Inspiration From Korean Boy Band ENHYPEN

Sunoo of Enhypen

We know their skincare is legendary, but their makeup is pretty next level too.

Hallyu has hit the Philippines hard over the past few years. Since the introduction of “Koreanovelas” in the late ’90s to the early aughts, Filipinos have been enamored with Korean culture. K-pop boomed in 2010, with Psy and Choi Siwon becoming the first K-pop idols to grace the prestigious Met Gala in 2013.

In 2018, the Philippines was touted as the country with the highest growth rate of Hallyu fans according to the Korea Foundation. Korean cosmetics are also being brought in left and right. Almost 40% of surveyed individuals incorporate Korean beauty products in their skincare routines, as of 2021.

Left to right: Sunghoon, Niki, Jake, Heeseung, Sunoo, Jungwon, and Jay

The industry is tuned in to our burgeoning market. An extensive lineup of K-pop concerts is set for this year and the next, including Blackpink’s Born Pink tour set for March 2023. Hallyu fans who can’t wait that long needn’t worry. Fourth-generation boy group ENHYPEN is coming to Manila this December, with a meet and greet scheduled thanks to their recent partnership with BYS Cosmetics.

ENHYPEN’s fans (who call themselves ENGENES) are marveling at the member’s flawless skin. Luckily, it’s now easier than ever to get their look. See five Korean idol-approved products you can shop in the Philippines:

A Clean Canvas

No matter if you’re partial to a three-step, five-step, or 12-step Korean skincare routine, a good cleanser is the essential start-point, as having a clean canvas is a sure way to make sure things stick and last. And for fans of Heesung, Jay, and Sunghoon, ENHYPEN singers known for their clear skin, there are pore correctors that could help anyone achieve that flawless finish. Founded in 2010, the Saem has become a cult favorite for Koreans. Filipino fans also have something to be excited about: the brand now uses products indigenous to the Philippines like calamansi. Try out their Calamansi Pore Stick Cleanser for clean and smooth skin.

Flawless Base

Recently acquired by the Estée Lauder company in 2019, Korean brand Dr. Jart+ is widely known as one of the most innovative beauty brands on the market. After cleansing and toning, those looking for an all-in-one product that gives you the flawless glow of Jake and Jungwon can try the Dr. Jart+ Rejuvinating BB cream as a light moisturizer, foundation, and sunscreen. For people that need more coverage, BB creams can be enhanced with their regular moisturizer and concealer.

Pretty Eyes

The ENHYPEN boys typically keep their makeup simple, but one thing you’ll notice is subtle eye shadow. A lesson from members Sunoo and Niki—just a light wash of color is enough to accentuate and lift the eyes. Copy this look with the BYS Cosmetics Matte Eyeshadow palette. For more of a dramatic, vampiric eye look, opt for a shade from their Berries palette.

Left to right: Sunghoon, Niki, Jake, Heeseung, Jungwon, Jay, and Sunoo
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